Is Quinton Ross better than Bruce Bowen?

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Here is a blog from Clip Nation that I found very interesting. This is good to hear among all the bad news this off-season. It was written on the 16th but hey, good news is good news...right?

By John R

Posted on Thu Aug 16, 2007 at 05:17:37 PM PDT

As a corollary to the Maggette-festo, some have chosen to place thier hatred on Quinton Ross. I can't say that I understand this, but I will say that I do understand that some are still failing to look at the situation with cold, rational eyes and are still seeing the situation through the eyes of a fan. I can't fault a person for that; not everyone has my gift of lacking feelings. One thing that comes up again and again is that MDSr. has been wrong about Ross' abilities, specificially in comparison to Bruce Bowen as part of an implied dream of making the Clippers more Spurs like.

So let's do the rational thing and compare their seasons head to head.

Bowen plays more minutes than Q, so per game and per season totals aren't really interesting, at least to thinking folk. Let's focus on the per48 numbers and PER.

Quinton Ross is better than Bruce Bowen in the following per48 minute or non-time dependent stats: FG%, FT%, ORB, TRB, STL, BLK, TO, PTS and PER.

Bruce Bowen is better than Quinton Ross in the following per48 minute or non-time dependent stats: 3P%, PF.

The following categories are functional ties: TS%, DRB, AST.

I've bolded TS% because this is important to the discussion that Bowen has a better 3P%. This is clearly undeniable. He takes alot more 3's and he makes them at a better clip. But here is how TS% is calculated: PTS / (2*(FGA + (0.44*FTA)). TS% attempts to take into account your 3P%, your 2P%, and your FT% and (along with AST and TO) tells us what happens when you get the ball.

Here's what happens: They get a similar number of assists, they score a similar number of points when they look to score (despite obviously very different O games), and Q turns it over less. Given that MDSr. is often credited with inventing the idea of eFG%, I'm sure these advanced stats are not lost on him. Q also gets you more steals, blocks and rebounds by hitting the offensive glass.

The only conclusion a rational person can come to is that Dunleavy isn't wrong about Q, he's more than right. Comparing apples to apples, last season Q was at worst exactly the same as Bowen, if not moderately better.

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Wow...that was an awesome post. Q-Ross is younger than Bruce Bowen, and Bruce didnt become the "known-defensive specialist" he is until later in his career. Bowen is getting old, and I think Ross is much more athletic and smarter. Bowen is tougher, nastier and is really good at what he does...but Q-Ross is smoother, wiser, and has a better pure offense (not just 3 pointers). He really hasnt scratched the surface of what he can do offensively, cause he does defense so well. He's Frustrated and Humiliated Carmelo Anthony on so many occasions because of his defense, you cant even count anymore. I'd rather have Ross than Bowen, and from the "stats" compiled above, I agree, I think the answer is obvious.

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Yeah that's a good analysis article- thanks posting it CJ. I agree with the article and you guys- Q Ross is invaluable to this team. Every night he goes and does a great job slowing down the best guards/small forwards in the league, and each year he has improved on his jumper. But because overall Bruce Bowen has championship experience- I'm still going to give Bruce a very slight edge. But Q still has upside, and if he develops his 3 point shot.... Wow. I've seen him make some 3's with confidence- he just needs to be practice it more.

We definitely need to lock up Q Ross to a looooong term contract- and do it soon. I would hate to see him leave and play for another team- lock him up before there's a bidding war for him next season!

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I'm fine with Q getting no press ... let him continue to fly under the radar. But he has provided great value to the Clipps, and if the league underestimates him, better for us!

JLemm points out his impact on Carmelo. That's an amazing point. Carmelo turns into a petulant 14 year old whenever they play the Clipps. Again, good for us.

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At this point, Brand Sam and Q are the only players I wouldn't consider trading. He fits perfectly with our stlye. If the unmentionable "game" aginst the Kings was an indication of his potential watch out. In comparison with Bowen, don't forget Bowen throws a better elbow.

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I agree. We need to do it soon considering the bargain we got him at. I'm just saying the sooner we lock him the better more save.

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....and knees and foot!

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Quinton Ross=Does not kick, Does not elbow, Does not frequently ensues flagrant fouls and classifies it as a "skill", Does not ensues fights or any such physical contact in a negative manner just to "distract" whomever he is guarding each and every a great player offensively & defensively even tho he doesn't score more than 10pts a game.

Bruce Bowen=Kicks, Elbows, Fights...etc.

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