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Personally I think Craig Smith is playing the best basketball for our team right now. I factor this in by not just looking at stats, but his ability to play his position as he is undersized, his versatility to play multiple positions, his effort on the court, his time given to him to play and his skill for being a rotation player.

This may not be the best news Clipper fans want to hear from a fan but I think its great news. Our bench has been below subpar the last few years. And I think Smith is helping us stay in games as he can give our starters a break if they need it, or if they need to be pulled due to fouls or bad play as he is doing so well. This is a must because we need to keep Kaman and Camby healthy until Griffin comes back as well as the entire year.

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I am also surprised by his effectiveness out there on the floor. He is not tall nor a big leaper. But he is quick on his feet and strong like a bull. He simply plays, scores, and makes it look easy. I set up the polls on this site but do not know how to turn his play into a poll. But for a throw in on a trade, he was a great pick up.

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Cookie Monster is a beast, and he plays the type of basketball our starters are being paid for, but clearly are not delivering.

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i really like smith, but he had a pretty bad game yesterday. from yesterday, i only remember one of his baskets, and the rest i remember was him getting striped by dirk.

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Craig Smith will have a big game tommarow 100%

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Don't you remember him bodying up Dirk so tight he couldn't move. He did however F**kup on offense like that stupid alley oopish pass. I like him if MD would define his offensive role and make him stick to it. We don't need baskets. Who can we trade to get Q Ross.

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I give Kaman massive credit for playing to well right now, its good to see him healthy. It further shows that if Kaman plays well, we can stay in games and potentially win. For years we've had a horrid bench and Smith is a giant bright spot. I was happy to bring him in, and it really paid off that we got him with Griffin out a few weeks.

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