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I know it's a pitty for the Clippernation but our future star is coming to Europe to play in Turkey with Fenerbahce...After showing nothing after being picked for the Clips as the 12th or 13th pick, he returns to his past but ei!!!Be happy!Because now it seems he's gonna play with pros in Europe!!!Will he get minutes in Europe???I think is a good question...Anyways good luck mr.koro 8)

More things...I don't know if you have watched this picture but I think is a must see...Maybe it could answer your questions about why Sofo won't play for Greece in the next European Championship and why he will never play for the Clips.At first you can laugh but if you reflex this picture can be really sad...

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Thanks for the news Miquel- this is not surprising and yeah I'm not shedding any tears over this news either Smile. I think his decision of not playing in the summer league may have cost him his contract with the Clippers. The Clippers wanted him to play in the summer league and then sign on the dotted line, he and his agent said not until insurance issues are resolved, and the Clippers went "Bye Bye". But I hope that now he will get a chance to play and show what he can do.

As for Sofoklis Schortsanitis.... Yikes! His arms are pretty darn pudgy. But didn't he balloon to the same size before also? Hopefully he can pull himself together and then come over next season. Heck we all saw what he can do when he was in shape last year at the World Championships.

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Yeah, now we can stop calling Sofo "Baby Shaq" and start calling him Blubber Shaq. Or maybe Beached Whale Shaq. He is still a very young guy. Too bad he can not control himself. It makes one question his dedication.

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he was never a good player to start with the clippers could have gotten shaun mayin that draft good thing they drafted a very good player this year in al he is goin to be rokie of the year at the end of the season thats how much trust i have in him

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He looks like Hot Plate reincarnated.

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