Where is our Little Clipper hater at ????

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clipper*joe wrote:
clipsaregay wrote:
look for all you clipper fans.. clippers suck! let me tell you why you should switch to the blazers before they win a ring in a couple of years.

1.sam cassell.

Hes older than my grandma. He still is a warrior but he will lose the explosiveness and he will have no one to pass to.

2. corey magette.

his feud with the coach is heating up. trade his ass to kings for artest orsomeone else. you guys should know that he doesnt fit in this team. in any other team, he is a 20 and 6 guy.

3. elton brand.

The injury. He is expected to be back by january (i believe) and clips will suck till he comes back. most players who have big injuries are either forced to retire or just suck (c webb's injury). He will not play the same and will opt out because of the horrible team hes playing with.

4. brevin knight.

hes 31. i mean cmon. hes the only PG that can actualyl play ball (and cassel and livingston who is injured)

5. tim thomas and cuttino mobley.

dont u wish they played the way they played with their old teams? (suns and magic).. these guys are getting old and their time is running up.

6. al thorton.

this guy is the future of the team but expect a ring in 2016.

im not a clipper hater, but i just hate the fact that you clips are so optomistic..

thanks reply back guys..

Who is this foolish troll! You say your not a Clipper hater yet you say they suck! I know your just waiting for the remarks to start coming in...you posted for a reaction, right? Well, here it comes... first, You should have taken out the first to words of you name. Gay sounds about right! second, the Clippers have owned the Blazers the last few years, even with Brandon Roy and Randolf playing! You know what? I'll changed that, EVERYONE has owned the Blazers the last several years. I'm not bashing the Blazers but that is a fact! Third, I will bet you that ODEN will be a bust just like Sam Bowie was when they took him over MICHAEL JORDAN. 4th, I will un-prove your points to show you how dumb and naive you are.

Any of you guys remember this nut??? I looks like I got it right in comparing Oden to Sam Bowie. Oden will be out for the entire season. Just about every article I have read this morning has the same comparison to that infamous draft choice Portland made way back when they stepped over Jordan ( Now Durant) for Sam Bowie( now Greg Oden). I guess our little troll might come back to wearing our team colors. I am just a little surprised at how life tends to repeat itself sometimes.

I wouldn't consider Oden a bust just yet but you have to admit it is starting to look that way. What is a fact is that now you have to say that Portland got the bad end of the stick for losing their star draft pick for a year while watching what many consider the better player striving for the "rookie of the year award" in envy.

I didn't consider Portland a threat but it is now more concrete to say that their is one less team with a chance to step over us. This also proves my point that anything can happen in this league. We have suffered "our Losses" already and it's happening to other teams now. The NBA gods are now evening out the playing field and we have already felt the wrath. We since have plugged the whole and weathered the storm. I hope now we can embrace what we have and not worry about what we don't have.

Since I called this one correctly, I am now predicting that we will win the WEST...just kidding.

All kidding aside, I just wanted pour a little salt on the wound of "our " little troll.

Go Clips!

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I'm sure that he's gone hiding underneath a rock somehwere lol

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clippers #1

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that guy was ridiculous, he is probably the reason Oden got hurt. KARMA

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