Are Kaman & Maggette the X-factor to a great season?

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Here is an interesting piece of article from S.I. that I ran into today from a few days ago. It was taken from the 5 biggest stories from the offseason that will effect the new season. Although I disagree that we should start planning for a lottery pick now, I agree with his assessment on what needs to be done for a salvageable season. I think Maggette has to be the first option under CONTROLLED circumstances. Kaman doesn't have to be a carbon copy of EB but he has to be a legitimate threat with the respect of....

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I also have hopes for Kaman. However, very frequently the Clippers design plays for him early in the first quarter. They'll need to rely on that more. If other teams watch tape, they'll be double teaming Kaman at the start of each half.

So he'll have to excel more in the "unscripted" aspects of the game: defense, offensive rebounding and putbacks. I think he can do it.

He's not the next Olajuwon, but he could easily be in the top five centers in the league. Probably never an all-star, but good enough for this team. (with the dearth of effective centers, he arguable already is one of the top five!)

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Thanks for the article CJ. I find it a bit over dramatic (not surprisingly). One thing interesting he brought up though is Brand's locker room presence. Without him in there there's going to be a different feel. Even though he wasn't exactly a vocal leader, he was becoming more of one. So his leadership will be missed there for sure. And if Sam gets hurt- who's going to be the leader then? It'd probably be up to Cat Mobley and Maggette. It'd be nice too if Kaman can step up and be more of a leader himself.

Also I agree with ether's assessment of CK- we just need him to play within himself and not turn the ball over as much, and he'll be fine.

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