Throw the house at D Wade?

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Oddly enough I don't hear much buzz surrounding D Wade in the 2010 FA chaos that is going to ensue in about 7 months. It's all Lebron this Lebron that.

I'd love Lebron here, 30 points 7 boards, 7 assists, a steal a block and his overall ability to take over a game ( and win ) is great to have however why don't we talk about entertaining a D Wade / Eric Gordon AKA The Commissioner backcourt tandem duo?

Here's what we'd more than likely have to do -

Trade Baron for some expiring contracts or draft picks, pretty much anything we could get. This would also make me retired Clipper Jersey wall more up to date lol.

But anyways we move Baron, OBV we can't have Baron Gordon and Wade, someone would be the odd man out and fingers point to Baron. Say by a stroke of luck we get rid of Baron at some point. Thanks for the effort but we are onto bigger and better things. If we do move him and get some expiring contracts which would be insane to think of, or just move him and get some extra cap space we'd have more money to throw at D Wade when he came around. We'd also have to commit a strong effort to reel him in, after all moving Baron would leave us short a PG so we'd have to be damn sure to get Wade.

So now we have Wade + w/e the hell we draft and potentially a couple other run-of-the-mill FA's and our starting 5 looks like this

Wade - Gordon - Thornton - Griffin - Kaman

I smell 40 wins right there. We keep Smith, Telfair, Butler, Novak, Jordan on our bench. I think with Butlers explosive ability and ability to play the 2 or the 3 is nice, Telfair is a solid back up and has played well, Smith is just great given his size and skill, Jordan is a work in progress, Novak is our 3 ball specialist and our draft pick would more than likely be a SF or a PG.

Bringing in Wade makes perfect sense. Wade and Gordon can play the 1 or the 2. Both are excellent shooters and will more than likely be controlling the ball ESP Wade. Now I know what people are going to say, both aren't true PG's. True but both can bring the ball up the court which is what we need. Both are excellent at defense and Gordon is only going to get better, Wade can lock down just about anyone and block shots, both are very fast and young and aren't giant headcases. They can each switch up duties bringing the ball up the court and truth be told most of the PG's in the league that have been coming in really aren't true PGs. Holliday, Rose, Westbrook, Evans the list goes on and on. The only real PG we've seen in recent years IMO is Rondo. The game itself is changing and I think with that backcourt tandem they'd be busting out so many fast breaks it'd be ridiculous and their D alone would be superb to have.

Now our only problem with bringing in Wade would be that we'd more than likely eat all of our cap space and have to go over to re-sign a couple players and I'd really like to bring back Camby. I think if we pulled in Wade he'd take a paycut to finish out in LA as we'd be looking like a top 5 contender in the West. Going after a big name like Wade, Bosh, Lebron and so forth is going to do this to any team so we'd have to be very picky about who we re-sign, what we draft and how we go about our team. I just think with Wade here, we'd be more of a complete and better team than if we had Lebron.

I mean think about it, Lebron mainly runs the offense, as does Wade in Miami and Kobe for the Lakers. There'd be really no need for Baron other than to camp the 3pt line ( god that makes me cringe ) and he'd prob get upset in his panties and demand a trade or whine that he isn't the main ball handler. Joe Johnson is also another guy I'd like to have, but like James he's a guy that the offense gets ran through quite a bit, and Gordon to me is a guy thats like that as well as it seems the offense gets ran well under Gordon enough that Wade would finish it off if we got rid of Baron.

Its late I rambled but I'd really prefer Wade over Lebron and we should really consider trying to pull this off. Even if we attempted some sort of sign and trade with Miami so we could send them Baron, a couple 1sts and a 2nd rounder or something so they wouldn't be sitting there with their dick in the wind.

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Lets just make some predictions on our W/L total without Baron and D Wade in the lineup.

We'd be running a starting 5 of this






Backups ( if we got Camby to come back )




Draft pick ( PG/SF )




FA here

That'd basically give us a 2nd unit of


Draft pick or Butler / Thornton ( whoever doesn't start )

Draft pick or Butler / Thornton ( whoever doesn't start )

Smith / Camby

Camby / Jordan

With Novak & Jordan basically being our small minute rotation players.

Granted I doubt we'd run that 5 often but Camby is a defensive player of the year and even in 20 mins a game I feel he could still get 7-9 boards and 1.5 blocks, 2 assists and a steal.

Gordon and Wade can both play 38+ minutes a game with no problem so a big concern about who backs them up isn't a giant issue. Hell Kobe doesn't have a great back up, Shannon Brown only succeeds because of how well the entire team is in LA. Plus one would figure if we kept Butler back there he could give one of the 2 a rest and step in at the 2 slot or our draft pick and we could give our guys some rest.

So lets project some potential numbers

Wade - 23 points, 5 boards, 6 assists, 2 steals, 1 block, 9 FTA, 38 minutes

Gordon - 17-20 pts, 4 boards, 4 assists, 1.5 steals, .7 blocks, 5 FTA, 38 mins

Thornton - 12-16 pts - 5 boards, 2 assists, 1 steal, .7 block, 5FTA, 32 mins

Griffin - 16-22 pts, 8-12 boards, 2 assists, 1 steal, 1 block, 6 FTA, 35 mins

Kaman - 14-19 pts, 8-11 boards, 2 assists, 1 steal, 1.5 blocks, 5 FTA, 35 mins

So we'd have 26+ spare minutes for our PF/C position eaten up by Camby/Smith ( prob more as we could rest Kaman more thus lowering his production a little, but at least Camby would be there ). We'd have 20 mins to spare at the PG/SG position easily covered by Telfair, Butler and a potential draft pick and most of our spare time at SF which can easily be covered by draft pick + Butler.

Main concern of course again would be the health of our team. WAde has had injuries, Gordon experienced a minor set back this year, Griffin hasn't played a game, Kaman is iffy and our only real solid rock there is Thornton. However I feel the risk would be worth it, ESP if we picked up a combo guard in the draft as a Just IN Case policy for EG/WAde. IF we can manage to hold onto Smith and Camby our worries at the PF/C position shouldn't be that scary, esp with Jordan coming along as well.

Our front 5 would be putting up 80+ points a game with that set up, dishing out 15+ assists on avg, getting countless blocks and steals as well setting up more potential fast breaks and everyone up there being a solid rebounder will help out big as well. Our big defensive hole is going to be at the 3, and theres really only 1 guy at the 3 we need to really worry about, that being Lebron. However with Wade and Gordon locking up the guards on opposing teams I think we'd fair pretty well, and Kaman and Griffin can hold their own in the paint we;'d just have to keep Kaman motivated and I feel he'd be a machine.

I figure with 80+ points by our startign 5 on avg a game, toss in 15 or more off the bench and we'd be nearing 100 points a game, easily setting us up for a good chance to win the games, however wed have to make sur eour D would play well.

Which I think we have. Gordona dn Wade are good defenders, Kaman isnt bad and Griffin is a real banger in the post. Smith, Telfair and Camby arent bad as well, add in that Camby is a monster on D our bench wouldn't be too shabby as well, we'd just have to work together as a unit.

I feel we could honestly put up 50 wins a year with that roster. Thoughts anyone?

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But we are getting John Wall in this years draft so our PG will be set.

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I'm a big Wade fan, so I'd love to have him on the team. If he could take Miami's team from last year to near 50 wins and the playoffs -- even in the East -- I would make our team an instant competitor considering the roster we already have. I think the big rub is one you identified Rockford, what to do with Baron if we sign Wade? I agree that Wade is a good enough ball handler that we'd be fine with a Wade/Gordon back court. Phil Jackson's Bulls and Lakers have proven that a team doesn't need a true PG to win. I just think moving Baron will be difficult. If we can't, I think he could become a real distraction if he's not playing. But still, I guess if Wade is willing to sign here, figuring out what to do with Baron would be a pretty happy problem.

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You lost me at "with Butlers explosive ability"! I couldn't read anything after that.

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MannyA wrote:
You lost me at "with Butlers explosive ability"! I couldn't read anything after that.


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Alright way to be a tough guy.

However, Butler may not have the "Lebron Factor" but he sure as sh*t can start hitting a lot of J's in a row from time to time. This was brought up by myself when we acquired him when everyone got all excited. I reminded them to look at his stats. Butler can be explosive when he's on, as when he is hitting his shots he starts taking more and more and can put up 17-20+ points as he doesn't care to pass much. However he can put up brickfest type games tho.

Butler's a great player to have come off the bench and platoon from SG to SF

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I would NOT mind getting Wade! Very Happy Very Happy Very Happy

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Another, lets trade Baron... hahaaa.

But I do love the idea of having D Wade on our team, too bad Dun will screw that up as well. Dun will not be able to handle having D Wade on the team, just as he cant handle Baron (sure as hell doenst understand the kind of player Baron is, and doesnt use his strengths). Can you imagine Wade running through a non existent offensive set? His numbers will drop and youll start threads saying trade D Wade or youll realize who the real problem is.

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wade said he is most likely staying put, thats why there is no talk of wade. plus CB4 is going to join him in miami.

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But after Wade does a monster dunk or makes a circus shot he screams or stares the defenders down. Showing no class, which are players we do not want here. wink

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Wade would be a good acquisition. We should try to nab him, but we shouldn't go beyond our means to do it.

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Trade Baron and sign D Wade...I'm all for that. Heck, give me just one of those and I'll be happy.

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Not like this will happen but if it did I would by season seats again.

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Miami is awful and one injury to D Wade and they will be the leagues worst team again. Our team exploded 2 years in a row and we weren't the worst team.

Hopefully Dunleavy won't be the coach next season, and so what if he is, 1 more year of him and then hes out for good ( unless for some ungodly reason we win 40+ this year and like 50 next year then I dont care what happens as long as we win ).

And yes, trade Baron thats my whole thing I dont think the guy fits our system. Yes DUnleavy isnt an offensive genius but Baron doesnt fit a slow tempo offense, and never will.

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