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I found this article from Mike Kahn (fox sports) to be very refreshing from all the negative stuff most of the writers are putting out these days. The excerpt came from "10 things we learned in the NBA" that was written 2 days ago. He points out a very important aspect that no one really talks about...our short bench last year. Aside from usual suspects ( Thomas, Ross) we didn't have many other options that Dunleavy was willing to use. We had the occasional appearances of Williams ,Singleton , Davis & Conroy but only Williams played long enough to make any presence felt.

The new roster changes all that. We might not have our elite player leading the pack right now but we have a very good second team coming off the bench that can keep the momentum while our starters rest. We have 2 established but somewhat shaky PG's that if healthy can start in any team in the league. It is refreshing to know we have 2 caliber players that can lead the team without losing a step between play.

The addition of Patterson as I said on previous posts has the ability to do much of what EB was doing except he doesn't have the PRESENCE that EB possesses. Patterson had a better FG % than EB last year which I'm sure came from offensive rebounds and put backs. I don't know about you but if he can keep plays alive for us or make a basket off an offensive rebound, we stand a chance in every game.

Here is the excerpt from the article...enjoy.

  1. Item: The Los Angeles Clippers seem to be back to their old snake-bitten ways of being overwhelmed by injuries, so they went out and signed a tough-guy defender in Ruben Patterson.

What this really means: As if it wasn't bad enough that the future of their budding star point guard Shaun Livingston remains a mystery coming off an obliterated knee last season, All-Star forward Elton Brand tore his Achilles tendon the first week of August and his status for the season remains unclear to the All-Star game at least.

Meanwhile, the addition of Patterson gives them a tenacious defensive player " the self-proclaimed "Kobe-stopper" " and a relentless offensive rebounder. Only 6-5, Patterson will defend both wing positions and power forward effectively with his stout 225-pound frame. And he averaged 14.7 points and 5.4 rebounds last season in Milwaukee. The addition of Patterson doesn't compensate for Brand, but in the long run he brings a lot to the table with energy as a backup at several positions. And with the bench their biggest problem last season, this is a step in the right direction.

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I agree 100%- Patterson is going to be a big help because of his defense, hustle, and toughness. I see him as a vital piece in transforming the team into a defensive-minded team.

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ruben will score 15 points and 8 rebounds

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