Is Dunleavy's job on the line???

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If Clippers fail to make the play-offs, will Dunleavy lose his job?
 66%  [2]
 33%  [1]
Total Votes : 3

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Here is an article by Charley Rosen ( that predicts the coaches who are on the "hot seat" this upcoming season. Guess who is on that list? I for one don't feel his job is on the line. Most of the situations that occurred last season were not of his doing. I do hold him accountable for benching Cassell over Livingston though. I felt it was too early to make a switch like that. Livingston wasn't ready and in hind sight, the team didn't look as sharp as the previous year at the start of last season. It might have accounted for the sluggish start...who knows.

Aside from that, he has managed to make lemonade out of the lemons(in juries) that he was dealt. Considering the money he had to spend , he managed to get some good "replacements" at a good price. In my opinion, he has 2 years to get us back to the level we were during 2005-2006 season. I think Charlie Rosen has drunk some Kool-aid. I will start a POLL to see how we feel about Dunleavy.

Here is an excerpt of that article;

Mike Dunleavy, L.A. Clippers

The devastating injuries to Shaun Livingston and Elton Brand have given Dunleavy a legitimate reason to fail. But when/if Brand does return to action this season, then Dunleavy will run out of excuses. Nothing short of surviving into the second round of the playoffs can save Dunleavy from having the opportunity to watch every single game that his son plays. ... amp;ATT=73

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i agree with him because the clippers are not a losin team anymore and if he cant get the job done then bring somone else who would getmad atthe players if they dont priform they should try to get larry brown for any price

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I really do not know why they extended him, mid season last year he should have been pushed out the door, he just doesnt get the new NBA

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Wow- the Clippers are without Elton Brand and this guy from Fox Sports is saying that the team should extend into the 2nd round or else it's a disappointment. Oooookay.... Mostly likely Brand will come back this season but how many games would be left when he does return? And how effective would he be? I mean he will be missing training camp and all those games so he would surely be very rusty for many games.

There is pressure on Dunleavy but unless the team is implodes and go 20 and 62 or something I don't see him getting fired because that would mean Donald Sterling would have to pay the remainder of what's owed on the contract, + pay for a new coach.

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