Does Jared Jordan have a chance for a contract?

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I know I might have this one come back and bite me but what the hell, does Jared have a chance for a spot on the team? I know Guillermo Diaz signed not to long ago but I think I read somewhere that it was not a guaranteed contract and was only for an invitation to training camp for a chance at making the team. With that said, I just got through reading an article from HOOPSWORLD written by Matt Watson about the second round surprises this season. It was written today. My question is ; If we have a full....

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yes he will stay with the clipps

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I sure hope so after seeing him play in the summer league.

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According to (as awesome site, by the way), Diaz is signed through 2009/10. His salary is $475,000 for 07/08; $711,517 for 08/09; and $825,497 for 09/10

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