Caron Butler Might Be Traded For Marcus Camby?!? (P. 3)

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There's a new economy in the NBA... If you have a maximum guy, he'd better be a superstar who would make your team .500 with a bunch of D leaguers and there are only two of those, Kobe and Lebron... We saw free agency at work last year. Guys aren't getting what their agents want... Who did pay big money for free agents? Detroit. And what did they get for their dollars? Crap.

I suspect if Iguadala were looking for a contract now, he'd max out at about 10-million, if that.

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With BG out for the rest of the season, we are in no position to give up any bigs! Period! roll

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i thought this trade was confirmed dead.

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It's not like either team is going to come out and state that they are talking about trading two of their better players.

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Depends we are 5 games under .500 and 4 games after that under the 8th seed. That is 9 whole games we need to win a won of games and have the other teams lose a ton o even get close again. If this team is buried by the deadline you better get ready for a Camby move because it would be dumb beyond belief to let a piece walk when the season is going downhill.

This team has New Jersey, Minny, @Cavs and @ATL this team has to win all 4 to afford a loss to the Spurs.

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