Dunk-In contestant Gordon the Clark Kent of the group

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Dunk-In contestant Gordon the Clark Kent of the group Posted Feb 1 2010 11:12AM - Updated Feb 1 2010 4:40PM Only Superman can fly, but that doesn't stop all of us Clark Kents from having opinions about how well he does it, where or when he goes, how he stows the glasses and the fedora, and of course, how we'd do if we were the ones with that super-duper power. Therein lies the appeal of the NBA's annual Slam Dunk contest at All-Star weekend. It's an opportunity for all of us below-the-rimmers, gravity-challenged as we are, to ooh and aah and imagine what....

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While I wish Eric the best of luck, I'm not excited about this at all. The way this season has been going lately, I'll just be praying for him not to get hurt.

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I WONT LIE... Im kinda excited. I dont think he will be as plain as people think... He may surprise some who have already given the nod to DeRozan

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I hope EJ can pull off the upset of DeRozan, it'll at least give us fans something to cheer for with Kaman not going to the All Star game.

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If there's anyone left who thinks the dunk contest is actually about dunking, they're very much mistaken.

It's all about spectacle.

Gordon moving to the big show depends on:

  1. How many elaborate props and crap he can incorporate.

  2. Who he dunks on/over.

  3. Who the Judges are. (hopefully not Bosh, Calderon and Bargnani)

  4. DeRozan completely screwing up.

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I hope he does something awesome but to be honest i dont think he should be in it he dosnt even sound like he wants to be in it its crazy. Lebron should have kept his word and been up for it he should be willing to put it on the line for the sake of entertainment its so dissapointing that the line up is what it is this season.

I hadnt watched NBA since back in the Jordan days im a big soccer fan but when Gerald Green won that dunk comp a few years ago it got me a interested in basketball a bit more then the next year Howard blew it up after that i really got into it and to be honest i probably wouldnt have bothered if it wasnt for that comp im not saying thats why i love the NBA so much but in a way it is the NBA brings entertainment that no other sport can rival Soccer [football] is the biggest sport in the world buit it cant rival the NBA for pure entertainment. with the amount of money they get paid they should be happy to put a show on for the fans. Fair enough Kobe and Carter have already been in it but Lebron has no excuse especially after he said hed do it last year. he does a few massive dunks a game and he cant come out and do 4 or five for a comp what a cat. If i was the ceo of Nike id be blasting him its his job to entertain the fans he dosnt win anything so what else does he do he brings fans in thats his job win 6 titles then you can sit out of the dunk comp but youve won nothing go dunk b**tch. i hope Shannon Brown can pull something off but its a real dissapointment that we wont be seeing the best for whatever reasons they have.

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Wow. eric seems like he doesnt even want to be in it. Why even participate? This guys personality and interview skills are very dry and uneventful. Like sandpaper. Hes like a shorter version of tim duncan.

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