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SamMays wrote:

That tells me that the most active Centers that get the ball more, turn it over more.

People think it should be easy, spotting a double team and kicking it out of the post to open shooters... It isn't... NBA defenses do a great job of hiding where the double teamer is coming from, waiting for the center to turn his back, or dribble and coming then. A center, when he goes into the post, has his back to at least half the players on the floor. Not an easy position to play in 5 on 5... A guy like Kaman, who is a threat and must be doubled, draws a big crowd. And more, he's operating in a very crowded area. Lots of people are getting hands in, trying to tie him up, etc... It is not easy to play in a crowd... Add to that, the defense on the outside is rotating into the passing lanes, so if he makes a loose pass, there is a good chance it will be stolen.

In many ways it's much easier for guards who are are playing facing the basket all the time and can see the whole floor, and who are on the outside where there is lots of room to operate.

Completely agree. Nice analysis.

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