lets go all in this off season by trading Baron, Kaman

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I was thinking about how we would be able to shed as much money as possible so we could attract not 2, but 3 big names this off season and I found that there is probably only 1 team in the league that would be willing to do it... The MIAMI HEAT... The Miami Heat are trying to win a title so bad just so they can keep wade and since we aren't trying to go after him this off season then why not help... the trade I came up with would involve sending Kaman, Baron, and rasual, forrr Jermaine Oneal who has a huge expiring contract, and Michael Beasely who is a young up and coming player.. this would not only make us better free agent wise but adding Beasely would help our young core... doing this would give us an extra 20 mill off the salary whic means we would have around 42 mill to spend.. yikes lol... Miami would become instant title contenders with a Line up of. Baron, D.Wade, Quentin Richardson, Udonis Haslem, and Kaman.... we would also fair well this year with our starting line up being Steve Blake, Eric Gordon, travis outlaw, Michael Beasely, and Oneal... Not to bad I don't think.... We could lure over Lebron, Nowitzki, and Gay... Our line up could be Gordon, Gay, Bron, Griffin, and Nowitzki.. I know its a dream but why not dream big lol... well tell me how you feel about this trade you guys.. thanks

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Sorry but I'm not going for that based on the assumption that we can lure two or three of the big names here this summer. LeBron is going to NY or staying with the Cavs. He's enamored with New York and that's just how he is. Chris Bosh maybe, although I'm in the minority who thinks he's staying in Toronto. Amare Stoudamire maybe. He's the only really big name who publicly wants out of the team he's on now. Who knows? But we would be lucky to just get one of the big guys this summer much less two or three. Adding a big name, new coach and Griffin to our lineup next year is a lot more promising than jumping ship in hopes of getting everyone. Plus if we did trade away everyone who's good, then good luck actually succeeding in luring someone to the Clippers who just put themselves into an even deeper hole than they already had.

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right now, with the roster we have under contract for next year and the amount of cap space, we are at risk of not being able to sign ONE free agent. there's a good chance lebron, wade, bosh, johnson, etc stay wit their teams or go somewhere else, leaving us with our current roster and money to spend on middling players to fill out th roster. trading baron and kaman for MORE cap space could seroiusly screw us over.

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sounds intriguing on paper but definitely could be a risk. I think though that we do need to get rid of Baron's contract. If people think its looked bad this year and last year, imagine how horrible it will be in two years for the last year of his contract at $15 million when he has effectively destroyed our financial flexibility.

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Get rid of everyone,,I don't care. I am not renewing my season seats anyhow so they may as well get rid of everyone. Next season I'll buy tix from the season ticketholders that give up in December,,much like our team does every year. What big name free agent would be in their right mind to come here. Time to start sniffing glue again.

BTW,,did you see the picture of Dumb and DTS in their lover's embrace in the LA Times sprot page,,,I lost a perfectly good breakfast over that one.

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you think our chances of landing LBJ or any other big name her are slim...

well they will be close to none if you don't have the big names like Davis and Kaman.

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Time to resurrect this thread. Now that we've dumped a lot of $$$ and made Camby happy what do we do. BD probably needs to go. What major star is going to put up with his antics? Not that we'll get LBJ but you'll have gasoline and a match. Except for LBK if Baron behaves things will fit well. Unless Kaman and EJ do well and DJ learns to stop being a puppy we'll have problems. Hopefully Blake will come back OK. In otherwords they've got to continue playing. Smith is a No Brainer.

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