Can we sign a power forward/ Blake plays small forward

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If we don't get Lebron, since Blake is 6-8, we could put him at small forward and go after a powerforward. To me, that would be the best option. We could have a huge frontline;

maybe we could get David Lee, Stoudamire, Boozer, whoever.

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Its a thought, but I don't know that it would work. I think Blake could play SF at times, but I think he's better suited as a SF. Plus, if he played SF, unless we replaced Baron with a much more consistent 3 point threat, we'd suffer from a real lack of outside shooting. The only consistent 3 point threat would be Gordon. That would be a big problem because teams could just pack it in on us. That's proven to be a problem this year already.

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I think it will only work after seeing him play during the beginning of the season and then if we want we can trade for a PF and put him at SF if his game suits well as if it suits the coach's game plan

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Blake Griffin is a great PF... Why would we want to turn him into an average SF?... Blake measured 6'8.5" inches in his stocking feet at the combine, making him about 6'10" in shoes... He's as tall as most power forwards and a hell of a lot more athletic than any of them.

He's a PF, period... Dunleavy said that once in awhile he could be played at SF under specific circumstances in specific lineups... I wouldn't wait around for it and I wouldn't plan on it.

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I agree. As tempting as it sounds to try and go after Bosh or Amare and have a lineup of Kaman, Bosh/Amare, and Griffin, it just would translate well on the court in my opinion. We'd be must better served going after a SF even if they arent as good as a PF we could get.

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I have no problem signing Bosh or Stoudemire. If were lucky enough to get either of those guys, I'd then move Kaman fir a wing.

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Bosh is the one we should go after we and if we fail to get James and Johnson. Bosh and Baron are good friends off the court (where did we hear that before).

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^^^ Yeah, but do we really want Baron?

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Blake is 6'10, not 6'8

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I have to agree. Why waste a good PF like him. The remaining games should reveal to us what we need for next year.

If we keep up a game like today, our lineup could be


Gordon/ FA or draft pick w/ good 3pt%



B.Griffin/C. Smith

BUT I would rather change the line up with younger players for the future.

A good SF is much needed....

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