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Clipper D-League Pickup
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New coach, (perhaps) new GM, new lottery pick and new free agent will be added to the Clippers this off season. With so much change, I'd like to see them start from scratch. Realistically though, we aren't getting a new owner and Sterling won't invest in a change of name. Even though 'Clippers' have no relevancy in LA. The time to change that has probably passed anyway.

So, why not start with new colors, new logo. I wasn't the only one who asked where to buy the Clippers Summer League jerseys and shirts. The black/red/white combo are a nice color mix that would sell well (Sterling, remember how well the LA Kings jerseys/colors went when they dumped royal purple gold?). The LAC intertwined logo looked more of this century than the tired Clippers-basketball logo. Just saying, as long as your cleaning house...

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Giving a new paint job to a car that needs a new engine is what a new look for us equates to. I'd rather we fix the engine or get a new one before we think about painting the car but that's just me.

The clippers name and logo have more relevance here than the Laker name has here...just saying.

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Ok, going with the car thing...I think our engine is fine. All we need are a few more tweaks and we're good to go. And maybe we can start making the car look nice...after the car shows that its able to win more races.

Clipper D-League Pickup
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Actually, I agree with the car analogy, but disagree with the premise. You see, I view, new coach, new GM, new draft pick, "old"/new draft pick (Blake Griffin) as examples of building up the engine. Now, you have a nice running car, are you going to drive it around town looking like a hooptie, or are you going to take it in for a fine new paint job? Make that baby shine, inside and out. Make everyone envy your ride. Next thing you know, all the cool kids (i.e. big free agents) want to hang with you!

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im with him. great analogy.

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Why not get a new engine and a paint job? We need help ALL-AROUND.

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Whether you start from the outside or the inside of this crappy vehicle. Either way a ton of work has to be done and I doubt its gonna be done in one offseason.

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If you're doing the Auto Analogy, does anyone remember Beverly Hills Cop?

Put a banana in its tailpipe.

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