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Repped High Quality Post

This is to help Newcomers and Noobs alike, keep up with the jargon and abbreviations used on the site.

Maybe Sticky CJ?

+1 (or 'repped') - Poster being referenced has received a reputation point. Or simply used for agreement.

-1 (Or negative voted) - Poster being referenced has received a negative vote for being impolite or generally lame. Also used for disagreement.

APG - Assists per Game

BPG - Blocks per Game

C - Center

CTB - Clippers TopBuzz

DP - Draft Pick

DTS - Donald T. Sterling (owner)

EP - Eric Pincus (Respected LA basketball reporter who makes appearances on the forum, also has mailbag)

FA - Free Agent

FG - Field Goal

Flame - A fake profile, persona, or hypothetical situation designed to mislead, antagonize, or annoy.

F/O - Front Office

FML - F my Life (general term for being screwed)

FT - Free Throw

FTW - For the win

FWIW - For what it's worth

GM - General Manager

HTH - Hope this helps

IIRC - If I recall correctly

IMHO - In my humble/honest opinion

IMO - In my opinion

IRL - In real life

MLE - Mid Level Exception

OP - Original Poster

PF - Power Forward

PG - Point Guard

PM - Private message (noun) or Send/sent a Private Message to (verb)

PPG - Points per Game

RPG - Rebounds per Game

S&T - Sign n Trade

SF - Small Forward

SG - Shooting Guard

STH - Season Ticket Holder

TITCR - This is the credited/correct response

TO - Turnover

Troll - Someone's whose sole intent is to irritate or annoy

Thats the best I could come up with.

Please let me know if there's one missing that I should add.

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STH-Season ticket holder

FTW -- Have you ever met any Bikers? FTW has a different meaning to the 1%. ( F**k the World) This really tipifies the Clipper Nation. BTW one day I'll tell you about the time I was drunk for two days and ended up in a Biker Bar 120 miles away from home. LUCKILY I knew one of them so I'm still alive although at the time my shoe was full of my own urine.

PGLBJ-- Please God LBJ

FQM-- Fourth quartrter meltdown

DP- Draft Pick

WCP-- Where is Cherokee Parks?

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one more

THAR--Too Hip is Always Right

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Nice list, FIFTY. Though I think +1 means to agree with a post, whether or not a rep point is awarded. -1 would mean to disagree.

EJ - Eric Jr, Eric Gordon's nickname

DJ - DeAndre Jordan

BD - Baron Davis

BG - Blake Griffin

Cakeman - A nickname for Chris Kaman; can be either affectionate or derisive, depending on the context

Bingo - Same as +1; phrase borrowed from Ralph Lawler

Rhino - nickname for Craig Smith

(I also suggested PM, but it's already there)

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FML - no explanation necessary. it makes its rounds roughly around or before the allstar break, when the season begins its downfall. also can be used in-game, during our fourth quarter meltdowns. also works during the preseason, when prized rookies injure themselves.

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Luv it, #50. Hey, just added a new one! Wink

Since I don't make any decisions when it comes to the board, maybe david can sticky this up.

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I added a few of your suggestions guys. FML, STH, DP and -1 for disagreeing

I wanted to stay away from adding player names though, just in case of trades/expiring contracts... we don't want to keep coming back just to update nicknames.

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jarca= just amazingly reppin clippers achievement

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Sure thing CJ- you and Journey feel free to sticky threads as you see fit. I'll sticky this one up.

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^ Thanks david!

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