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Alright, I thought I'd put up a few simple tutorials for those that don't know how to properly quote a paragraph, multi-quote, and reduce a post to just the person you want to address. Reducing post in terms of taking out several people from the last post you want to quote.

We all how it can get when several people get in deep discussions and when you want to partake in it, quoting the last person usually brings the whole discussion that usually takes up half the screen.

The first tut is how to highlight , delete, and break up a post to multi quote and to delete portions of the post to reduce it to a manageable one that don't take up space.. The key in all of this is to HIGHLIGHT and hit quote option (ON TOP of MESSAGE BODY ) or delete. Anything and everything has to be in quotes.


2. Taking out the third person-part 1

3. Taking out the third person- part 2

Make sure when you take out the third person, BOTH quote brackets ( front and end) are HIGHLIGHTED and then DELETE ( see below)

4. Quoting only the person you want and breaking it up to a multi-quote post.

*** notice that the third person is no longer there ( 4th pic). From this point forward, we can either quote a comment, or multi-quote the person you intended to address without the clutter.

HINT: after you clean up the post, you should have only one front quote bracket and one end bracket.

5. Multi-quoting-part 1

Note: Breaking up the first paragraph will leave you with a dilemma. You will end up having 2 front quote brackets ( one with name, one without). It is vital that you take out ( highlight & delete) the first one without the name, otherwise, you will have a starting quote without the name. You can do it either way but again, you need to take one of them out ( see pic 5)

This should leave you with only a front and back quote.

6. Mutli-quoting- part 2

The second, third, or how every many paragraphs you want to quote work the same way without deleting any brackets. From this point forward, all you need to do is highlight whatever you want to quote and hit the QUOTE button on top. Respond and quote.

If for some reason you only want to address 2 sentences or paragraphs that are far apart, highlight and delete anything you don't want until you get to the part you want.

7. Finishing up.

Once you get to the end of the post and are ready to do your final quote, you need to do the same for the end quote as you did for the first quote.

You can either highlight and delete the end quote before or after ( see pic 7).

NOTE: Very important that you preview your post first before hitting submit. Otherwise, you will have a badly quoted post that someone else might quote and it'll look like the next person is quoting himself.

If for some reason you hit submit, you can always go to your post and hit EDIT at any time. Edit button is on bottom right hand side next to the quote button.



CTB MVP Champion
Posts: 15844
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Alright, this one is very simple. There have been many threads started that have been put in the wrong location. I think some of them are due to just being in the wrong forum when the thread is started. I think most of us have done this so I can't point fingers.

When you start a thread, the MOST important thing to do when you are ready to submit it is to always check to see where the thread is going. You don't have to be in the right forum to do it but you are responsible for where it goes.

All you need to do is hit the drop down box at the top and choose the location you want it in...the place it belongs.

Here is a pic to show you where it's at.

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Good idea CJ- nice work! Quoting huge chunks of a previous posts definitely makes it more difficult to read a thread. From the site rules and guidelines:

"9)Please be selective in quoting other posts. Instead of quoting a huge, several-post long discussion, please just quote the sentence(s) you are referring to. This will make the threads easier to read. "

CTB MVP Champion
Posts: 15844
Location: los angeles
votes: 125

Yeah, I think some people are new to forums and don't know how to properly do things. It took me a long time to figure things out since I couldn't ask the "old timers" or admin/mods on how to do things. This makes it easy for those that find it hard to ask. makes it easier to read...just like you said.

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Well done, CJ.

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thanks for the help on the quoting. i have been on forums since 2003 and never figured out how to separate the quotes, so i really appreciate this:)

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Thanks CJ. I knew we'd finally find a use for you. Very Happy

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