Phil Jackson should be goal #1!! Free Agents will follow!!

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I am a 10 year season ticket holder who has been through the same hell as the rest of you and back. It has not been pretty! I've read post after post about Lebron, Wade, John Wall saving us, and putting the Clippers on the map. The truth is, those 3 have a combined 2.3% chance of happening because that is the Clippers odds of getting the #1 pick. Which is why I think if Sterling is really ready to win he must make a statement with his coaching choice. We have $20 mil in cap space and that could yield: option1:....

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I've read that Phil Jackson is 90% sure he's going to coach the Lakers next season. And he's spoken badly about Sterling in the media, unprovoked. He's not switching sides.

But bringing in a no-nonsense coach with a proven history of winning will help.

Bring in Van Gundy.

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I also don't like blondes, but $15 million instead of $12 million could make me consider a blonde over a brunette.... Just sayin..

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To be fair, Phil Jackson wrote a book where he called Kobe Bryant, "uncoachable", and that didn't seem to stop him from turning down a huge contract.

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I think any big time coach at a high price would help us land a big time player. I don't really care for Phil Jackson, but he'd be a big help in us getting LeBron.

Anyone think we should make a play for John Calipari? He's got a big time rep and the ego to want to coach in Hollywood. I'm not sure he's the right guy at the NBA level, but he could help us land someone big.

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Bus also said hes not willing to keep paying Phil 12 mil, and that he doesnt neceessarily want to sign Phil again...

With Phil on board, Lebron's chances of coming here triple.

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Calipari is a great salesman... That's what makes him a great recruiter of college players and would probably make him a great recruiter of free agents... In the NBA, however, the job is more about coaching... I don't know if players want to be around him and listen to him 24/7

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^^ But when Kobe signed his extension ( according to Fisher on a ESPN interview), his decision to sign was based upon Jackson continuing to coach the team. I think most of the Lakers would help Buss make a decision to keep Phil real easy.

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if the Lakers don't win, I don't think Buss will pay phil the 15 mil he wants. If they win, then there is no question phil will be back with the lakers

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Phil Jackson has not respect for the Clippers organization, he would never come here

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^what he said...and he is basically on his death bed...if he leaves the lakers, what makes anyone think he will continue coaching?

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This is ridiculous. Phil Jackson would never ever ever ever ever ever leave the Lakers for the Clippers. That would never happen. Ever. Period. Get it out of your mind.

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I wouldn't want Phil Jackson as the Clips coach. I always supported "Win at all cost" but I guess I found where I draw the line. The guy is a douche!

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Phil isn't coming to the Clips. No way no how.

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Who is going to play Triangle? LBJ, D Wade. I doubt it. These are majoe egos. Anyway where does LBJ fit?

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no thanks. jackson is a dirty scumbag who tries to get everything his way by using garbage tactics. did anybody see what he said about steve nash on the eve of the w.c. finals? ... ckson-nash

I hate this dirtbag

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