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This can either stay as a thread or can be just put into a poll but I have been reading many reasons on why a Big FA would not sign here and the only reason any writer or analyst ever comes up with is that "Its the Clippers" and that our owner is DTS. Even a new york writer wrote in his breakdown of the teams that can afford lebron that we had the best talent to surround lebron or any 3 guard FA and that the only reason that he listed why they would not come was "Its the clippers" meaning "Its DTS." My question is how many people here would really petition for DTS to sell the team? The economy isnt great right now and that might leave the door open for another russian billionaire to buying us up or even maybe a chinese billionaire, ive been hearing china has been doing well and they really love NBA basketball.

Do we wait to see if we can change our image through what the FO can do for our team under DTS? Or do we look to try and remove DTS and try to speed that change up?

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DTS prides himself on never having sold a piece of property... He ain't selling... The only hope is if the league forces him out or he gets old a feeble and loses control of the team, or, of course, crokes...

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