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No this isn't a Lebron James is coming to LA on vacation and he's meeting with some Clipper officials, and no I don't have any hot tips, tweets, twats or w/e.

I love Lebron as a player. He's awesome. He doesn't have the greatest long ball, but he can score, change a game, pass, play D, take a poor team into a playoff team and he's a fun guy it seems.

Great, nuff' said.

Guess whats still going on? ( depending when you read this post ). The NBA Playoffs. Yes, I am a loyal die-hard Clipper fan and I realize our season was done months ago and we have the Draft and the Free Agent Festival to look forward to yet again. However, as soon as Cleveland was ousted from the playoffs nearly everyone and their grandma started making posts on forums, writing articles on news sites, talking about it on national, local and foreign TV & Radio Stations.

Why don't we give praise to Boston who looks damn near as good as they did in 2008. Or how about Orlando, whom I thought would have to take Atlanta to 6 games, but blew them out by 101 points combined in 4 games. Atlanta, who was my dark horse team this year. What about Phoenix? This is your same old Phoenix Suns team that really hasn't and probably will never change for years, yet here they are beating some of the best teams playing for a shot at the title.

And of course, where would we be without Kobe & the Gang.

But its not just an overshadow of the playoffs, its overshadowing all of sports and nearly everything I attempt to talk about in a conversation. He's everywhere! He's like Jesus at this point and this whole world is the Vatican. Thats how frequent I see this. Everyone is coming out of the woods here to say something. President Obama says he wants him to go to Chicago, suddenly Chicago is the top place for Lebron to end up!??! wtf?

Mayor of New York guarantees a tour for a king if he considers the Knicks. Who do we have? Honestly who will endorse LA? billy Crystal? Whats he gonna give him an autographed copy of City Slickers and a quick joke about jews running hollywood? Personally, I hope we don't promise or say anything. When the time comes we should have a plan of attack ready, a contract in a nuclear football case, and a positive attitude.

Let's leave the Lebron going where talk until the season truly is over.

But when it is, take this into consideration. For some odd reason we are looked at like the inbred, reject team of the NBA. We aren't in a single poll for a potential Lebron landing point. Somehow Chicago and Miami are topping the charts now, the Nets aren't on there I mean wtf?

Chicago has D Rose and Joakim Noah, thats about it. Good pair of young guys. but I just don't see Rose & Lebron working well together. New Jersey could pull in John Wall if they land the top pick in the draft. Add Lopez, Harris and a few other young players there and that's a heck of a young squad with better talent. The Knicks have, well nobody really. He goes there, I'd demand a new coach. Miami has D Wade, and Bust Beasley. The kid shows up here and there, but is lacking consistent play.

What do we have. Well, Kaman is a great big man to have, and we have Blake Griffin who could be the #2 guy that would be his Karl Malone or Moses Malone. Thats 2 big men to Chicago and New Jerseys 1 per. Add in Eric Gordon. A talented hustle player who is small for his position, but has room to grow and already has shown he is a starter in this league. Our biggest downfall is not having a coach, and Baron Davis. However, Baron is as suitable a PG for Lebron as Mo Williams is, Derrick Rose or John Wall.

We have I think the 2nd best option team for him to go to outside of New Jersey. But you know what really frosts my butt? Bill Simmons that huge jacka** on ESPN said that if Lebron went to the Knicks and won a championship there it'd be the biggest thing in sports history. WRONG BUDDY! Lets not forget the Red Sox coming back 3-0 on the Yankees then winning the World Series. But how's this for a tale?

One of the worst franchises in the history of all American Professional sports lands the biggest free agent pick up in the history of any sport. Having only been a playoff team a few times in their long history, he went to a losing city over shadowed by Kobe Bryant one of the greatest of all time. He took over the city, turned the entire franchise around into a winner immediately, won the teams first MVP award and first NBA Championship. All the while the Lakers who are now known as the "other" team in LA slowly dwindled as Kobe's career and Phil jacksons coaching career started coming to a close. And what better team to go play for than a team sporting Americas colors, Red White and Blue?

I think we trump the Knicks, also considering they've already won an NBA championship and umm have been there a few times.

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Also, my 2 cents on all free agents.

With a majority of the big spenders all targeting Lebron James we need to either figure we can nab him or go in a different direction and try to swoop someone else away while they are below the Lebron Radar. Think if we could land say Chris Bosh, D Wade or Joe Johnson you get the idea whilst everyone is looking at Lebron.

Go in there ( at the free agent market ) with a solid game plan and send everything you got at 1 guy, that is OUR guy. Covet this guy from the minute the clock hits midnight and praise him, our city and our club.

If things don't work out for our 1 selected player ( and after we of course toss every penny we have at Lebron ) then sign a few mid level guys. Build a solid roster and try to win 37 games next year and keep some cap space available for future free agents or trades.

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Per another post, I think LeBron may have had a bad elbow. Plusses for LAC. Younger Talented roster, young but not untested. Every player (BG I hope) can bust a cap in your donkey (No Cap Space pun intended). LeBron is a Motivator and BD because of pure ego will step up. Anyway if we keep Drew and he plays like last year who needs BG?

30% Cavs, 30% Clipps, 40% something stupid

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Taylor, we can keep this Lebron talk going until he signs with another team or re-signs with the Cavs. That's not the problem. The problem lies in everyone trying to be creative with the same message. There can only be so much you can say about wanting a player here but if it's nothing new, I would kindly suggest adding on to the current overflow of LBJ threads. I'll keep this one going cause you did add something different but if the trend continues with more of the same, I'll have to merge all the threads together.

Good read by the way...

Edit: I changed the title to make it more specific.

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Even if the Clippers won three titles in a row, they would still be the "other team" in LA. I kindof equate it to the Dodgers/Angels. For a while, the Angels were always in the title hunt but the Dodgers were still the varsity team in LA. More than anything, Los Angeles is Lakers-town. You don't just wipe out Jerry West, Magic Johnson, Elgin Baylor (before he became a joke), Wilt Chamberlain, Kareem, showtime, Jack, Shaq/Kobe, etc...overnight. The Lakers define the excellence of LA and, if it weren't for them, LA would be a total joke in the sports world (especially with no NFL team). If you are a fan of the city of Los Angeles, you must cheer for the Lake Show because they make this city great in the sports world. This doesn't mean we can't cheer for the Clippers to be great too though. I even root for them to beat the Lakers when they play (depending on the standing situation of course)...but I just don't understand Clipper fans that want the Spurs, Celtics, beat the Lakers. Makes no sense. Clippers need to establish a real rival and I always see the Golden State Warriors as that rival. They kindof have a similar history or lack of and we're always competing with them in the standings every year.

As far as Lebron goes, my gut feeling is that he's going to sign a two year deal with the Cavs and wait for the Knicks to get a little better first. If I were him, that's the destination that I would ultimately go to because NYC is the center of the universe and the Knicks, who have a long history, really don't have a superstar that is considered one of the greatest ever. Lebron goes to the Bulls and they will always say he's second to Michael Jordan. He goes to the Lakers and the line is long before him. Going to the Clippers is essentially like taking on an expansion team so he will be creating his own history going forward, but it would be starting from scratch. I put the Heat and the Nets in the same category as the Clippers. With the NY Knicks, he gets to be the greatest ever for a franchise that has the history/prestige/brand recognition and has been waiting for someone new to take on the face of the organization. Willis Reed and Walt Frazier clips are getting a bit old at this point.

Madison Square Garden, as much of a dump as it is, is my favorite place to watch a basketball game. It's right dead in the middle of the city and you get the hustle and bustle inside and out. This whole LA Live thing going on is trying to create a facade of what you get at MSG. Lebron is bigger than the world and belongs in Manhattan...not live the same lifestyle as Jeter and A-Rod. Now, whether Lebron can handle the pressure that comes with it, I'm starting to wonder.

That being said, I do hope Lebron signs with the Clippers because I just renewed my season tickets and I'll get at least one season of discount prices with Lebron on the team. Now lets sweep the Suns and win the draft lottery all in the same two week period.

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Anyway if we keep Drew and he plays like last year who needs BG?

wow never thought i would read on a clipper forum someone that would prefer drew gooden over blake griffin LOL. especially on a clipper forum

anyways... drew only had good numbers and thats because he took every shot he could

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How does it make no sense for a Clipper fan to cheer for someone to beat the Lakers? Does it make sense for Clipper fans to cheer against another team because maybe they truly dislike say Miami, Oklahoma City, the Knicks etc? Magic Johnson was one of my fav players when I was a kid, doesn't mean I love or liked the Lakers.

There's a few teams in the NBA I truly despise. Bulls, Lakers, Spurs & the Knicks. And these are for my own personal reasons. The Clippers could play in San Diego and I would still dislike the Lakers, but that's just me. I was born and raised outside of Chicago and for a good portion of my early years and teen years I was a Utah Jazz fan. Just because Chicago was in teh playoffs didn't mean i had to cheer for them if Utah or the CLippers were out. And I live right now about 15 minutes from where the Pistons play, that has never meant that I HAD to cheer for the Pistons. Heck I've wanted teams to beat the Pistons that doesn't make me a bad person.

Just because you live near or in the same state as a team or teams, doesn't mean at all, that you have to cheer for them or support them. You like who you like and you dislike who you dislike.

And if the Clippers won 3 NBA championships in a row, I don't think there would be much talk about the Lakers other than headlines and articles being brought up about how the Lakers could allow the Clippers of all teams take over the town, is this the beginning of the end for the Lakers as LA's premier sports team? Will the Lakers ever be as dominate as they were before? Will they win another ring?

I put the entire Lakers success over the last 15 years based solely upon the Hornets making a terrible deal ( but didn't seem bad at the time, I mean an unproven HS player for 2 All-Stars to help make you a more playoff ready team? No brainer. ) And the luck of the draw by getting Shaq to sign with your team in his prime.

The same could be said about us if we miraculously pick up Lebron James and win a few NBA championships etc. But, the Lakers were in fact dying. Magic wasn't there anymore, players like Michael Cooper, Kareem, Rambis, AC Green etc etc were old, not with the team or retired. They were in fact on pace to be the Celtics of the 90's. A team that was losing its HoF / All-Star lineup in a process where it was about to rebuild or struggle a bit and not quite make it as far as they'd like. THen, the Kobe trade and the Shaq Signing turned things completely around and made the Lakers a viable NBA threat every year. Add in core players like Fisher, Horry, Campbell etc. over the years and you have a great ballclub. It's really hard to go against a Shaq/Kobe in their prime team I mean what other team in the NBA had the top 2 players in the NBA on their team? Nobody did. You got your premier shooting scorer, who plays great D and is a leader, paired with the best Center in the NBA since Moses Malone and you could have thrown in just about anyone and that roster would win you 48+ games a year.

Reality is, I don't care if we get Lebron or we don't. Its just ridiculous that he's the top story day in, day out and we still got some great playoff series' to play. And if we do talk about free agents, and if we don't get Lebron, I'd like to fill our roster with quality players and get a good starting 5 and bench going, so we can start winning 40 games a year and look like a respectable bunch instead of half a**ing it all over the court 50 games a year.

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