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I'm so PO'd I could root for Kobe. What's with the refs in the Orlando/ Celtics game? The Celtics center is tossed on a BS technical and Rajon gets hit with a BS technical


in one quarter Howard cheap shotted 'Sheed, almost tore Pierce's shoulder off, concussed Daniels and knocked Big baby the f**k out. If this were boxing Howard scored a TKO. Baby was down for well over ten. Do you know how hard you have to hit a guy who's well over 250 to knock him out with one blow? I'm pretty sure it was a blow to the back of the neck, a rabbit punch which is banned in boxing because it causes brain damage. The injury to Pierce could have been season ending or career ending. This has to stop.

Any time you get near him you get an elbow to the gut and when you watch carefully it's really obvious. While nobody condones elbows to the chops they don't cause premanent injury. What Howard is doing DOES. I just about filled my shorts when Van Gundy kept saying "inadvertant" You don't "inadvertantly knock Big Baby the f**k out. You can't , he's too big. As a matter of fact it takes one monster blow that's conciously placed even to knock him the f**k out on purpose. He was blind sided.

Has the League deciided to make this series "interesting" instead of a blow out? Can Boston hire Brock Lesner on a 10 day contract or maybe a 15 minute contract. (Since we can't condone violence, there is no pun there) I'm not kidding. Somebody ought to review this s**t

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