June 9th Workouts

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Two guys they had come in to take note of were Luke Babbitt and Terrico White. After watching some of the video from luke babbitt, idk if i like him now as much as i did for the past few weeks. I mean he does have a nice stroke, but when i saw him in the ballhandling drill and even playing the 3 on 3 he seemed to not use the athleticism that he is praised for. Instead of really attacking and dunking it on guys, which i kno he has the athleticism to do, he just settles for the layup and on D he did have decent hands for the 1 clip but that could be a fluke. I kno his shot is decent but doesnt seem to have that bounce in his step.

At this point i kinda am liking xavier henry over babbitt right now cuz xavier henry is very vocal. Although henry did have lots of trouble being guarded by paul george in the work outs according to this article. Check it out...


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Thanks for dropping in links to all the info on these lastest workouts. Interesting that Blake knows so much about Xavier's game and even his persona and how he relates to his team mates. I wonder if Blake will be rooting for his hometown boy to become a Clipper.

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hmm if blake wants him henry i don't really kno about paul george now

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One of the guys we worked out was jeremy wise. I looked up some highlights on him and he looks decent. Maybe not worth the second round pick if guys like scotty reynolds and sherron collins are there but if we want a 3string id like him. He's got a super quick vert on the run, he can shoot, has pretty good court vision and a decent looking shot. He is a penetration PG but he looks pretty good! Check him out.

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He looks like an interesting prospect. It certainly looks like he can get to the rim and finish.

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reading that writeup on the 8th pick hstory we have, if we can get another Tom Chambers and actually hold onto him... that would be sweet!!!!

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