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Here's what we, Clipper Forum posters and the Organization is gonna do this free agent season.

1) As posters were gonna stop talking about Rudy Gay and how we'd be uber awesome. Thats a big negative. For folks that just look at stats and pay 0 to little attention to the NBA and watch games, the kid looks good. Solid even. However he's just a big selfish brat, who is a shoot first think later kind of player. Picture a younger, whinier, overpaid version of Corey Maggette who will "Think" he is the leader of the team and cry like a baby on the court and in the lockeroom. He doesn't pass, he plays poor D and he takes bad shots, a lot of bad shots. Is he worth 8 mill a year? Yes. But, someone will over pay him. So let em.

2) Keep the Lebron dream alive. Wade, Bosh, JJ you name it our team IS a potential destination. Whats not to like about LA? Whats not to like about Griffin, Gordon, Aminu and the other jokers we drafted? As well as Kaman? However, its a slim to none chance we get any of these guys. Well, maybe JJ.

3) Expect the worst if we sign someone for a hefty price. Like Paul Pierce, Ray Allen, Rudy Gay. Pierce and Allen are old mans news. 6 years ago I would welcome it, not now. Gay is just a team killer.

4) Our best hope - Joe Johnson. This I think is our prime option for a free agent. Joe would lighten the load on Tub Davis, and we could run the offense a bit more through him. Thus, creating space and plays for Baron, thus making Baron a better player. However, Joe may in fact go where Lebron does, or go back to play for D'Antoni in New York with Amare Stoudemire. I think the prospect of getting a giant contract and being the center of attention in New York is too flattering for JJ to pass up.

5) Don't over value our players. We'd be lucky to get anything reasonable for anyone. Our best hope is good cap room, and a stud young player, like Darren Collison. But alas, that dream is over. Or is it?

6) Keep your eye out for trades IE from Philly, Utah, New Orleans, Detroit and the Knicks. Philly may in fact want to trade Turner, Iggy, Lou Wills. Utah may be looking to move Brewer or Milsap. Detroit wants to get rid of everyone. NO still may want to part with Collison if someone takes a large contract. The team isn't going to win games and they may just stick with CP3 and build around that, draft picks/young players may help persuade them to part ways with the young up and comer. The Knicks may in fact get shafted in the FA market. Thus, they may want to take Baron Davis from us for basically nothing. We wont even need anything in return! Good riddance to bad rubbish IMO. With the free cap space taking on a Peja + Collison is a good mix.

So sit tight, watch for trades and keep a eye out for something exciting. Don't expect the best. We are after all considering 2 terrible coaches for our coaching job. And we are after all, the Clippers.

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Brewer is on the grizz i think you mean Boozer?

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interesting perspective, a little too negative imo.

i do wish there was a little more consolidation with these threads, there is a new one everyday.

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joe johnson would be a worse signing than baron. he just wants money, and will slack off like baron did. he's 29, and we need someone younger to be able to grow with our team. plus, joe johnson is a 2 guard. just cause he can play the 3 doesn't mean he should. johnson also isn't a leader, cause he chocked in the playoffs when his team depended on him the most.

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Look, this team is very solid as is, and the only piece we should be thinking of adding through free agency is the SF position. We already have a big contract taken up with Baron. Baron played decently, but not good enough to cause other teams to pick up the phone and take on his remaining three year contract with us. I doubt anyone in their right mind would take his contract. Plus, we drafted a young point guard. Either this point guard will be better than Baron or will motivate him to play better either way the situation has been addressed. Maybe when Baron Davis has a year left on his contract we will have teams calling in order to trade his one year contract for that of someone else in order to clear cap space...but for now we shouldn't even waste time trying to shop him around. We also drafted another 2 guard to back up Gordon. Our PF, C positions are stacked. Our biggest need right now is to get a free agent to play the SF in order to help in case Aminu proves to be a bust or needs more learning time. I still think Rudy gay is the best option considering that Lebronn appears to be Chicago bound....yes, I do think he is going there Chicago cleared massive cap space. Gay is not a savior, we already have a player to be the face of this team (Blake Griffin), so we really only need Gay to put up the number he has been putting up:

PPG 19.6, RPG 5.90, APG 1.9, EFF + 17.72

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