Baron Davis' message to the free agent class of 2010

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Found this on Espn:

An open letter to free agents:

I'm writing this from Africa, a far cry from the 24-7 media updates on what's known as the biggest and best free agency class in the history of the NBA. I can't help but think about two summers ago, when I was making the decision to stay or leave from the Warriors. I came to LA to make an impact on the city, to help change the shape of another organization. I took the road less traveled. I left a team that was one win shy of the playoffs. I left a city that I had made a home. I left fans that were amazing. All to cause change, to start over again. I came to Los Angeles, hoping to rebuild and reignite a franchise.

It takes a lot of luck, talent, money, and strong leadership to have continued success in the NBA. I can say without a doubt that we're on the right track. The franchise is moving into a younger more vibrant direction. The negative mindset is gone. I definitely don't think I need to pitch anyone on the benefits that Los Angeles has to offer. Everybody knows its one of the best places in the world. And when it comes down to it, it shouldn't be about the city anyway, [it's] about what you want to accomplish. If you truly are passionate about the game of basketball and want to accept the challenge, come join us. We have a young nucleus that has the tools to compete every night, and I can't name another franchise whose fans have kept faith and supported their team like Clipper Nation has supported us.

I have spent the past two weeks traveling in Africa and have been humbled to the utmost. I have learned a lot about myself, and what it truly means to be a part of a community working towards a common goal. My hope is that I can take what I have learned here, and apply it to my life both personally and professionally. We must never take for granted the life we have and the opportunity to work with each other to make history. On a much smaller scale, being an NBA player and the decision many of you free agents make can greatly change the path of a community and a franchise.

As people, it is in our DNA to want to be individuals amongst a group, to be different than the person next to us. So what we offer is the chance to create a new starting point. Success here, in one of the [world's] largest media markets, will mean you have everything at your fingertips. It's no secret that this franchise has faced many obstacles, but the past doesn't have to determine the future. No matter what decision you make, someone won't like it. You have an opportunity to write a new story in the city of Los Angeles. Our organization and community [are] ready and willing to embrace more talent. Great opportunities exist amongst many teams, but here you aren't just continuing a legacy, you have the opportunity to create your own.

Good Luck!

Baron Davis

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