Let's get real, what are your expectations from Griffin?? (P. 2)

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exceeded my expectation from the 1st month

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Yeah, I knew he'd be real good, but had no idea he'd be this good. Hard to believe that a Clipper has just had one of the greatest rookie seasons in NBA history.

Anyway, the biggest surprise for me was his playmaking abilities. I had no idea he could pass as well as he can. I don't think its unrealistic to think that he could end up averaging as much as 5 or 6 assists a game at some point. Getting that from a PF is just crazy.

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Griffin, quite simply, blew me away. I wonder if missing an entire season put a massive chip on his shoulder?

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He brought more then I thought he could bring to the table. That being said expectations will now rise because we have seen just one season of him. I look forward to seeing what he brings next season.

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Blake's a monster but he needs to play defense. I think he needs a veteran to help him like D Howard or maybe David Robinson

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Damn read this people, it amazes me how we used to think of Blake haha now he's a man among boys, and playing unstoppable basketball.

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lol at the idea that Blake needs a veteran in Dwight Howard. My, how time has changed. haha.

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