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toohipcliptoslip wrote:
I don't think you understand the Clipper Curse. It's not really injuries per se. Cassell's eight seconds The shot by Raja Bell The total meltdown because Corey didn't want to come off the bench and MDSr started Livingston over Sam. They got Doug Christe on a 10 day contract and the locker soon was so toxic that he left and we lost almost all of our road games. Brand screwing us. He really didn't We got lucky The Baron Davis mess that destroyed the season including getting the coach fired. Kaman missing most of a season because he stepped on a camera man's foot. A freak....

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The two incidents that come to my mind was a few years ago, Clips were at Memphis and were about to be over .500 for the first time during the season. Water pipes bursts and the arena is evacuated. The game is delayed and eventually Clips lose the game. I think shortly after the game, the team announced Blake is out for the season.

Then the other is Game 2 vs OKC. Clips are winning and in control and right before halftime, the lights in the arena turns off. We end up losing the game.

And not that we're cursed or anything, but the referees hate us!!!

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The FO turned bad decisions into an art form, a thing of beauty. It's not bad it's creatively bad.

I forgot --- Elgin Baylor sues DTS for discrimination after 25 years.

C'mon can't you see DTS and Shelly being the stars in a Novela?

We, years back always complained about the Clipper Curse. It's a tradition. Please don't ruin it. Next you're going to tell me there's no Santa Claus

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Sports curses don't exist, they're just convenient excuses for organizational incompetence.

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Tell you there's no Santa!...come on Toohip, I couldn't fool a man as wise as you. wink

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Now that they have no D League team, it's time to reasume the Clipper D League status again. Lotto Fun!

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Perhaps we need to bury this Clipper Curse stuff and start something positive to reflect the Clippers" new beginning with the eventual ouster of the crazy Sterlings.

How about Clipper Charm? Or Clipper Cure? Or Clipper Cheer?


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Theres no curse Theres a shithole owner who spent the majority of the last three years enjoying being at the bottom.

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