Ralph Lawler Explains the Thinking of the Clippers' FO

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"Here's the deal on the Clipper's Summer of 2010. Please understand there were 2 routes to go for all teams this year: 1. Take a Swing for the Fences and try to be an immediate championship contender.

  1. Build for a future run at a title.

The ...Clips were one of 6 teams invited to the LBJ Home Run Derby. Dallas wanted in and was rebuffed while teams under the CAP such as Sacramento, Minny and Washington did not get the Invite. You would have All had every right to Boycott the team Forevermore if they had said - "Ah, you aren't Really interested in us." The team went to bat and made a Long-shot run at one of the Game's greatest players. Route 1 didn't work.

That left them facing their 2nd choice. Here's what you All need to understand - This next season is the Last that will be played under the current Collective Bargaining Agreement. If Ever there was a time to Swing for the Fences - it was Now. The Lakers are ready to launch what might be their Last Kobe Bryant-led chase after a Ring. All their thoughts are about Next season. Miami obviously went "All-in." Other than that, teams largely are working on positioning themselves for what will truly be a New NBA - whether it starts in 2011 or is delayed until 2012. Result? Short-term deals, young nucleus, protection of CAP Space, possession of draft picks. No teams are doing this more wisely than the Oklahoma City Thunder and the Los Angeles Clippers. Teams Under the Cap when the new CBA is struck will be in a most enviable position. They will likely be able to Add players while the teams Over the Cap will almost certainly have to dispose of players - in some cases- dispose of Very good players for virtually No return. I can't go into much more detail than this, but please understand that what is being done is following a well thought out plan. Don't expect it to result in an NBA Title in 2011, but they do believe they can compete and be entertaining and show Hope for Clipper fans this coming season while keeping their eye on what they foresee as a very bright future."

What do you think?

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The CBA is a crazy thing that could go either way. If a new agreement is made and is somewhat similar to the current then we end up right where we are. I know the owners are saying they aren't making money, blah blah blah. Yet teams like the Bucks pay Gooden 34 mil or so. The Wolves pay Milicic 20 or so. They are spending money badly and the union will use that. No one wants to go without an agreement. I don't think what Ralph is saying will happen. Just my opinion.

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YaroslavFan another good find and post. Can you post the link?

MrB I totally agree with you that this and past summers over spending on free agents will be the players union argument in negotiations. However, I still think its extremely unlikely a CBA is achieved in time. NBA teams are still businesses and if the majority of teams are losing money it's time for changes in employee pay.

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totally agree that what Ralph is saying willnot happen. If it did happen, yes we would be positioned well, but it most likely wont happen. Do we have a team built to grow? Yes. Will it win? We will see. I would like for us to unload Baron if Bledsoe starts to show some good potential and perform.

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I think the words of this organization are empty. Donald Sterling doesn't care about the fans he will do everything to make a profit and keep the team in its current position, so I'm not buying their rhetoric

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The IRS tax code is what will run the NBA and all other pro-sports into the ground if the huge subsidies for Tickets and TV time cost get axed.

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If Ralph's vision is the correct one, prepare for a lengthy player's strike. That is not coming without a fight.

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All they'll do is eliminate the midlevel or downgrade it to be worth less...They'll probably lower the threshold of the luxury tax and put a hard cap somewhere right around where the Lakers and Mavs are today. Cap won't go down.

Anything they do, they'll put some language in there that gives teams a few years to ease into it...They're not going to immediately start charging Buss, Cuban, and the other owners with big team salaries 10 times more. The last thing they'll want to do is create rules that break up all the best teams in the league...

I doubt the new CBA will have much affect at all, other than we possibly miss half a season because they're fighting over pennies for a few months.

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