Clarification: the Boundaries of CTB and Good Taste

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Fellow clip fans, it appears my Summer Time/Dog Days Fav Five post was prematurely deleted. I just want to confirm the boundaries here on CTB. Was it going too far to create a fav five list of adult actresses that help get me through my Clips-depleted summer ? I think we are all adults here and even if young kids are on this site...they have probably already seen these women before anyway. I did not intend to offend anyone with the post, and perhaps naively thought it would be a good way to bond us fellow CTB members. Yet, was it going too far? I felt I posted in good faith and did not wish to disrespect any fellow clip fans.

I leave you with an anecdote:

While in Brussels working on a graduate school Art History project for UCLA, I was initially shocked at how "care free" Europe was when it came to dealing with sexuality. To put it simply: they did not find adult films or the female body to be something that must be censored. A friend I made on the trip once quipped: "They are just (breasts)".

Hopefully this indicates we may take sexual censorship too far in our great country. I did not expect that to be the case here on CTB, and again I did not mean to offend anyone. As I end this post, I ask my CTB brothers and sisters, if they are in unison with me, to post their fav five women that help them get through the dog days of summer. Thank you.

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remember one thing...

The europeans kickk as$!!!!

and my fav 5 were

dylon, dylon, dylon, and dylon, oww and dylon!

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I don't know anything about the post, but I value sexual morality.

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