Does anyone else have a respectable feeling about this year?

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I haven't been reading the boards lately so if this has been directly brought up before I apologize. Now, don't get me wrong at all. I don't think we are going to make the playoffs, or even a .500 record, but I think I'm not too far out of line in saying that a 35 win season or so is a realistic and acceptable expectation. If we stay healthy and VDN can start to instill a discipline that we haven't seen in quite some time, then I think we have the ability to make serious strides forward this season. Does anyone else agree with me or do people think we are doomed again for yet another promising-yet-ultimately-depressing season?

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with blake griffin in the fold i am a lot more excited than in past years. i think we have promise so i will hold onto that:)

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I really expect this to be a good season. Kaman coming off an All-Star season, EG winning gold and great summer play, Baron seems mentally ready, And Blake is healthy. We really just need solid help from the bench and young guys.

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I'm more nervous about this team than usual, because we have a fairly fragile team in terms of health and egos... On the health side, Baron, Kaman and Griffin have all missed substantial time in the past... If one of them goes down, we're in a world of hurt because Olshey hasn't brought in quality people to play behind them... We have no backup PG, C or PF... Those guys have to be able to play 38 minutes a night...

The only two positions where we have reasonable backups are at SG and SF... And SF is a clear weakness for this team... SG, though we all like Gordon, is a very average area for us... We like him because he's young and should improve, but his numbers are very mediocre for a starting SG in the NBA. Rated #17 statistically among starting SG's, which seems accurate.

On the ego side, if things don't go Baron's way early, or if once the lights come on he starts thinking he's got to be the star of the show and score, things could also go south in a hurry... Baron was good as a distrubutor in preseason. He played hard and didn't try to do too much... Will he be able to continue helping other's shine once the crowds arrive and the stats count? I hope so.

I'm excited about this season for one big reason; Blake Griffin. Of course, that's a great reason.

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Playoffs - No

35+ wins - Yes

Blake Griffin helping us win games - Yes

Kaman Healthy - Maybe

Baron healthy - Yes

Youngsters on the bench costing us games - Yes

Gordon having a better year than ever - Yes

Finishing better than Phoenix - It'll be close

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Yep! We finally have a team that will compete night in and night out. We just need are starters to remain healthy for 90% of the season.

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"I'm excited about this season for one big reason; Blake Griffin. Of course, that's a great reason." Amen. Griffin is the best reason Clipper fans have had to be excited since... since... well in truth since nothing else. Making the playoffs was of course great but realistically that team had little chance at the title. Manning was the real deal, but this guy is better. Olowokandi? Please. Even Brand didn't have this potential, and he was a beast. This though... Griffin's talents look to be special. Even in a league filled with marvelous athletes, he stands out, and his potential is unlimited. We will be treated to a steady diet of spectacular highlights sure, but more than that his kind of mojo lends itself eventually to winning. He is the biggest step ever taken in changing the negative mentality that haunts this franchise, especially with the media. Plus, he will be someone that draws players here, which will only enhance winning opportunities. We're talking about a much brighter future, and that's just if he plays to his potential. If he's actually a leader, things will be even better. That's something for Clipper fans to be excited about. Now if we could just get the owner to sell.

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^ Great post, dwb! Aside from all the obvious reasons, the one that really stands out me and the one I take to heart is the way he embraced the franchise. The way he has stood up for Clippers when often asked about the history of the team. Especially, the way he has represented the team. God, I love this kid.

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^^^ In contrast, I saw ESPN's top plays from the preseason and there was no Griffin at all. ESPN sucks.

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Trey Kerby, over at Yahoo! Sports doesn't...

In a completely unrelated article, there is a mention of the Clippers... Its not a long article, so it should be a quick read. But the snipet is:

"It's not like people are going to be suddenly interested in seeing the Clippers..."

Source: ... nba-257087

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