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Sam and Corey are questionable for tonight's game, but even without them the Clippers should have enough to beat the Blazers. It won't be easy, however, especially when you're going up against Zach Randolph. The last game against the Clippers he outplayed Brand- let's see if EB can do better tonight.

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Terrible...terrible...terrible. It just keeps getting worse - the Clippers and their fans need to start panicking. The Clippers need to get on the phone to the Sixers and give them whatever they want in order to get AI. The team lacks a leader, an alpha dog. Brand is not that type of player. Cassell can't be that type of player anymore. AI is that player. I don't care how great Greg Ogden is suppose to be...I don't want to be in the lottery this year trying to get him!

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We must reflex about the situation and not act desesperately although we really are...It's obvious that we need changes but it doesn't mean necessarily to get AI...I insist on other players that in my opinion would be more important than AI like Ray Allen.I'm sure that Cassell is still injured and that's why he's not playing like usually.

And about trying to get Odden I only say that we are not so bad to fall so down in the standings to get a shot for him...

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I was on a plane and missed the game. I can't fathom how the Clippers lost despite shooting 59%! Can anyone explain to me what happened??? It looks like it was one of those nights when you played well but the other team played unusually great in order to beat you.

Seemed like the Clippers shot the ball well, had 25 assists to 12 turnovers- a very good ratio. The only thing that pops out when I look at the stats is that the Blazers had only 4 turnovers- I mean the Clippers usually don't force many turnovers but that's a ridiculously low #. Also looks like Kaman kind of disappeared with only 8 and 4 in 35 minutes. Nice to see Maggette back and play well. Sam was back and only played 12 minutes?

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About getting Greg Oden. Not happening. The chance of landing Greg Oden are statisically close to zero. To have a chance of that happening, you have to be a team from the East or the Grizzlies.

As for AI, both long term and short term I'm not sure he'd help out our team. Plus it looks like Denver is close to sealing a deal on that with much more than we're willing to offer.

The only available option I see is from Reshard Lewis, who is a player that the Clippers could use and has opted to become a free agent this summer. Plus unlike AI, he doesn't have a huge contract and has room for upswing. If I was in the drivers seat, I'd make a bid for him now.

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