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So went to the game yesterday and I was sitting in front of a person wearing a Lakers jersey?? wtf?? can anyone elaborate on this?? And why the lakers have the new revolution jerseys... where can I find mine!!

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There's always a few at clippers games

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im shocked! everytime i wear my LAC gear anyway. LAL fans always boo's me. im from south L.A.

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These are Laker fans who can't afford Laker tickets so they settle for cheaper Clipper tickets for some NBA action. Nothing new.

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Who the hell cares take this post down!

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fakie fans need to waste their money on those overpriced fakie tix. Why bother coming to a Clipps game just to hate on us???

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It's because they spent most of the allowance thier parents gave them on a Laker jersey so they can fit in with thier friends, and they have nothing left to afford the overpriced Faker tix, so they come to a Clipper game so they can tell their friends that "yeah, i go to Staples all the time".

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With all the open seats there all the time it's hard not to imagine you can probably buy a cheap ticket at the last minute or even midway through the game.

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Did the Clippers even sell out the Opening Night game?

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I remember the first time that happened to me... it was pretty funny...

I just turned around and asked the guy... Where's your lakers jersey? his reply was I do not have one.

so i started laughing at him SUPER HARD... he felt dumb and left me alone..

it was pretty funny

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