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After watching the game i could not help but think if Baron or Kaman played to their potential we would have upset more than one of last years playoff seeds through the first 6 so far this season. Understanding there are variables such as new coaches, new system, technically 3 rookies on the court at one time for extended periods of the game to attribute the streaks of frustation many hopeed we'd be past this year; if we had a solid veteran 3 the Clippers are easily a playoff team this year. And even though Blake Griffin is technically a rookie no time should be wasted while he is still fresh with "Lebron" like athleticism and build. Although I am hoping he ends his career with numbers exceeding Karl Malones, i cannot help but remember a guy named Shawn Kemp who had a similar game. Anyways i understand i am not saying anything new but what are your thoughts on these potential trades to save the season:

Al Farouq Aminu for Antawn Jamison- Byron Scott in his first year and may see potential in upside over experience.

Al Farouq Aminu and something else(id throw brian cook) for Wilson Chandler- guy has the ideal size and athleticsm and though only 23 has a much finer polish compared to aminu. Experiencing Dantonis system he may be prepared to flourish with his all around game in this uptempo offense set on defense first mentality.

Lastly draft pick or expiring contracts for jamaal crawford- instant offense, a veteran ball handler. Would be great to have Erin Gordon at PG and have Crawford at the 2.

Well what do you think?

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Aminu for Jamison won't work because of the contract size... Also, we need to bring in a SF who will be here awhile. I'm not a big Aminu optimist, but I'd like to think we can get more for him than a 35-year-old has been...

Kaman and Aminu for Hawes and Iggy... That could work and help both teams. They have a good SF waiting in the wings and need a center...

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No way on any of those trades Jdill. I still think Kaman, Aminu and the minny pick should get a deal done with Denver. I would still see what it would take to pry Granger from Indy.

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