Steady As She Goes: Clippers Heading in the Right Direction

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Let's keep this Clipper Ship sailing forward! We don't become a great team overnight, we must build the foundation first. As our record stands, we're 1-6... but look at who we've played and how we've played. Blazers, Warriors, Mavericks, Spurs, Thunder, Nuggets, and Jazz. Warriors are playing well so far, and the rest are perennial playoff teams. If we continue to fight like we did against the Jazz last night, I guarantee you we'll go on some solid winning streaks once the schedule loosens up. As for our us, we've gone through horrible 2nd half slumps in games, and have looked great....

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Great post!!

I too saw a resilience last night I've never seen from this team.. They didn't give up. Although they didn't have the tools and offensive weapons they needed to finish off the game, I'm really glad to see that they fought hard and tried their best to not go down without a fight.

I also believe it's not VDN's fault that our open shots aren't going in. No one can explain why Kaman was so bad the first 6 games or why Gordon is like 6-36 on 3 pointers. Whatever it is, it'll hopefully go back to normal soon.

But as you said I see the squad gelling and we'll have everything together soon.

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Great post ohMEohMy- repped! I also think we're one year away from the playoffs for sure (if we make the right moves in the offseason).

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Thanks David! And thanks TCI for uploading that EJ video. Best dunk I've ever seen by a Clipper. Check out the reaction:

You don't even have to see the dunk. Judging by the reaction, you know that it was amazing!

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^Hahaha, look at blake's face!

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Agreed. I think there are going to be a few more bumps in the road early in the season and we're likely to continue to lose some close ones -- especially on the road -- but I can see us starting to really string together some wins in the second half of the season.

I definitely think we're better than a 1 and 6 team, but I haven't been this optimistic about a Clippers team for a long time.

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Great post... There is nothing wrong with this team some experience and a good SF wouldn't fix... Imagine if we'd been able to land Rudy Gay... We would have all the pieces...

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i agree everything looks like it's headed the rigth direction.what worries me is when Baron comes back,he will throw a wrench into it.

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The best reactions there has to be Blake and Baron! And the body language of the guy on the very right. LMFAO. But I'm with you guys...maybe no playoffs this year but the way that we played with playoff teams is just amazing, compared to last year atleast.

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