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Checking the Top Buzz site I cannot help but see the poll to the right, this time regarding which player from last year fans wish they could have back. I also cannot help but notice that the 5 listed would probably start over our 5. Lets make some moves FO, theres players out there so earn your paycheck. Otherwise DTS should refuse to pay your contracts!!

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Steve Blake was never going to resign here, although it would be really nice to have him starting and Bledsoe coming off the bench.

Travis Outlaw was too much of a risk for us at the price he was paid.

Marcus Camby I wish we still had, but keep in mind, we wouldn't have seen the first two without him.

I still don't want to see Drew Gooden anywhere near our team.

Its a shame we got rid of Al Thornton, but he was awful defensively, and a black hole offensively

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dont forget, camby got a HUGE extension and that is what his agent was pushing for as well when we let him go... o and also camby was useless on the offensive end. But i still wish we had him. Just not for how much he is getting now.

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I just feel we had the veteran in camby who was an all star in his day and could have taught all the young guys in the league. Both Outlaw and Thorton could be our starting 3, steve blae can play both ends. ... I got season tix and I can't help but watch like its some disney movie where some miraculous turn around is close to happening. Maybe the next Chumash Shoot for cash will yield someone who hits every rack, and then the clippers sign them, and they shoot us into the playoffs.

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What happened to the other Steve, neither is he a Clipper or on the ? list?

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First I think Aminu is (so far) better than Outlaw and def. Thornton. In a year or two he'll be 2 or 3 levels above Outlaw. And for a lot less money.

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