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Post ID: 126595by clippersfan87 » Nov 26, 2010 - 12:53 PM PST
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You're going at it all wrong. In your attempt to gain clip86's attention, you trolled a site where people who has no idea of your e-beef. How do you think people will react? embrace your cause? like i said on the other thread, what goes on at ltb Should stay there. talk to the mod or just have fun with him by jeering back and forth.[/quote

Perhaps you're right jarca.

That being said, I did NOTHING that warrants a ban.

Trying to have a little fun with clippersfan86. You guys are too sensitive over here.

Nothing I did warrants a ban though. Perhaps we should get clippersfan86 thrown off LTB.

If I upset you guys, I deeply apologize. Now you know what we go through over there, on a much smaller scale of course. He is more active on CTB than over here.

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