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Hello clippers.topbuzz

Looks like my trolling caused quite a stir around here and LTB.

I was banned on both sites by my actions. As a means of re-instatement, I had to come to accordance with Dave that I would offer an apology on both sites.

I apologize to you valued members of ctb. My intentions were not to come over here and ruffle feathers. It was a practical joke, that backfired.

I understand what I did was deemed "trolling". If I have offended anyone with my actions, I sincerely am sorry, it was never my intent.

I have learned a valuable lesson here. I will not attempt to hijack your site ever again.

I offer a special apology to clipper*joe and ajarca. I understand you guys were only sticking up for your site, and I would have done the same thing.

I also want to publicly apologize to Dave for the trouble he had to go through.

Thanks for your time guys.

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