Clippers Vs. Jazz 11-28-2010 Official Game Thread (P. 2)

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TheCalmInsanity wrote:
SamMays wrote:
This whole team needs more time in the NBA... We have three players who are NBA starter ready; Kaman, Griffin and Gordon... Smith and Gomes are decent reserves, not much more... Then, we have two promising players who wouldn't be getting much burn except by necessity... Aminu and Bledsoe...

Bledsoe has been doing surprisingly well. He's a good defender, but does struggle in matchups with bigger people. What rookie doesn't?... He's a summer away from being starter ready... In the mean time, he'll start anyway since we have no one else... If he improves his shooting in the off season, watch out... All he's missing now is the confidence to knock down shots... If he gets that, he'll be very, very hard to guard. A real contributor.

Aminu is a bit further away... Right now, the only thing he can do on the offensive end is catch and shoot and he does that surprisingly well... When he puts the ball on the floor, it usually leads to some misadventure... His defense is adequate and should become very good... The thing that is concerning about him is a penchant to stand around and watch others play the game... He's not naturally assertive. I wish he had some Darius Miles in him... He has the athleticism to be a real threat on the offensive boards, like Miles was, but he doesn't seem into it, enthused enough or energetic enough... I'm not sold on him as our SF of the future, but he's very young...

The team will get better. We could get to 30 wins and that will be good enough... Those expecting to beat Utah and Pheonix, etc. are thinking wishfully... We can beat them on our best nights, but that's about it... He don't have enough depth of talent to win a lot of these games... Hopefully, when Kaman comes back, that will take us to another level...

All I care about with Baron when he comes back is that he doesn't make things worse, which he well might.

GREAT analysis! I agree!

I generally agree as well, but I would qualify the complement of Bledsoe's defense a little further. I think he's good when his man has the ball, but need some work with respect to off-ball defense and closing out on shooters. His men seem to get an awful lot of wide open threes. That happened a few times in the Jazz game and we got burned by it.

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That is a huge compliment for Blake Griffin, now it is up to the shooters and Griffins passing to stop or punish the double teams.

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