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Clipper D-League Pickup
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Clippers Get :

Allen Iverson

Rodney Carney

Kyle Korver

Louis Williams

Bobby Jones

Sixers Get :

Yaroslav Korolev

Corey Maggatte

James Singleton

Cuttino Mobley

Zeljko Rebraca

Sam Cassell

Daniel Ewing

1 or 2 second round picks (wee already have baby shaq and gulliermo waitin')

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Wow! I think that would break some sort of record for the most players ever traded between only two teams in one single trade. Minnesota reportedly just offered 4 pretty good players for AI. I think that if Philly milks it for to long, offers could get weaker as time passes not better.

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Too many players to be true...Who are Lous Williams and Bobby Jones?Thanks but we don't want crap...I prefer ours Singleton and Ewing.No trade

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lets not fantasies people. but now thta we are, that is a horrible trade. They load thier junk to our team? we give up some pretty good players. We need to throw dunleavy in there.

Clipper D-League Pickup
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I would rather have tha combo of Korver/Carney

rather then Korolev/Singleton

Singleton is my dude but Carney and Korver?Who could go wrong wit Korver's shootin. Carney has potential but i would love 2 keep singleton and get Carne

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