Do they broadcast Clippers games in San Diego?

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I'm moving to San Diego pretty soon for law school and I was wondering if they have a local Clippers broadcast in SD. I live in Northern CA right now so i'm used to finding streams all the time, but I was wondering if maybe they showed the games down south.

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I just moved to UCSD in the fall, and I was in the same boat. As long as you get satellite or cable that has PrimeTicket you should be fine. Too bad UCSD didn't offer that Sad

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I always figured I'd be back in San Diego forever but am actually moving to LA to finish school. Oh well, at least I get to go to more Clips games. Anyway as far as the Prime Ticket in San Diego thing, it's been an issue for awhile..... spute_With_Cox_And_Time_Warner_Cable_In_San_Diego_County

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Didn't get any Clipper games on campus at UCSD. Don't get prime ticket, and Clips games usually blacked out on NBA tv with Time Warner there...

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Yeah, only Northern San Diego County can get Prime Ticket on cable...everywhere else it's either DirecTV or Dish Network for you. The current Time Warner Cable system in North San Diego County used part of old Adelphia Cable, before TWC and Comcast brought up all of their assets back in '05-06.

All of the L.A. pro teams also claim San Diego (except for the Dodgers and Angels, for obvious reasons), Las Vegas, and Hawaii as part of their broadcast territory.

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