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As I was getting a bit wrapped up in the rumors and losing of the Clippers, I realized that it's just a game. Just a bunch of athletes living their dream while most of us dislike our jobs and root for these athletes because sports is our outlet. I know we're all frustrated with the results of the games so far, but we can only do one thing about it and that is show our support, no matter if they seem to play without passion, no matter if you think the coach is an idiot. If you can't stand your team losing, go become a Suns fan, or whoever's winning right now.

I dunno the point of writing this. I just kinda felt like saying it. But from now on, I just gonna talk about the positives on this forum or i'm not saying anything at all. You dont have to agree or not.

Thanks for letting me have a voice.

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I think the same...To boo the players is like throwings rocks on our own house.All the fans are dissapointed but the players too...i have no doubt.they are the first that want to change this dynamic.This awfull streak will end and we must do everything we can to make it happen sooner than later and booing doesn't help...it's difficult but let's try to be positive

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