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Boycott or Not
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Clipper D-League Pickup
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Being a Clipper Nation Citizen and a season ticket holder, it really gets me angry the way Clippers are headed down a big black hole. A lot of people are talking about how some of the Clipper players/staff are overpaid and are not producing results. After all we are the ones who are paying them those big bucks, so I say let's boycott a game or two to show them that we need to see some results and get back on track! After a great run last season a lot of people expected great things this season for the Clippers and the way we're playing it doesn't even look like we'll get to playoffs and if we do we'll be out in 4 games. So let's boycott couple of games!!! What do you guys think?

Clipper All-Star
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Go ahead man, but I LOVE basketball, and I dont care if the Clippers are playing like crap, if I had the money, I'd be right there cheering on my team and hopefully I'd get to see some great play from both teams. I truly hope many of you would also.

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Boycutt??? Come on- a true Clipper fan sticks w/ the team all the way through thick and thin- or else you're more of a bandwagoner than a true fan.

Clipper D-League Pickup
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it dont matter how bad they are ive been a clipper fan for 7 years and i would nver turn on them

Clipper 6th Man
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Why? Honestly, a team needs your support the most when it's down then when he's on top. Any slob can root for his "team" during the good times, but it takes a true fan to stick with the team even when the weathers stormy. I see no reason to boycott the team. I don't think you need to tell the players anymore of what losing feels like.

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