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So Warriors, Suns and Blazers all lost tonight. I only mention it because lately 2 of the teams won't seem to lose to let us inch towards the 8th seed. Too bad Memphis won by like 2. Btw David Lee said SA is boring after Spurs owned Warriors. Said they play a boring style and pick you apart for every mistake. Someone should remind him it's because they know the term defense pretty well LOL. Not everyone plays Run N Gun, zero defense basketball Lee.

I'm going to sticky this thread.. so that we can keep this thread going all season for updates on the run for a playoff seed. If any mods or David would prefer me not do this PM me but I figured this might be a fun idea. Put all updates on rankings, wins and losses helping our playoff run and news related to playoff run in here.

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we really need to win some crucial games coming up. we can jump 3 spots up just by looking at the teams' schedule ahead of us. i really hope EJ isn't hurt that bad. now is the time to make a serious push!

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There's already a thread for this - "Official 2010-2011 Playoffs thread".

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Yeah, there is an official thread already. We just got to keep winning games. can't worry about teams losing at this point.

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