I think I've figured out why Blake pisses players off

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Ok so I've been watching replays on all the scuffles and last night's jawing with Gerald Wallace, Stephen Jackson and Gerald Henderson and came to a conclusion. Blake knows how to play mind games on the court. He sets out to humiliate his opponents intentionally. He's not dirty at all like some people say, it's all mental. I noticed last night he went for a spin lob and Baron missed him... Henderson seemed to say something to him after... so Blake immediately cut for another lob... scored the layup over Henderson and said something to him and didn't give Henderson the....

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totally agree.. while he isnt out there being an ass to veryone and jawing off like KG, he is doing the little things to piss everyone off. And dunking on everyone at will is a pretty insulting and breaks someones spirit leading them to get frustrated and lose it.

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Yup. Btw I like and support him getting into players heads... just was wondering why he seems to have a beef with an opposing player every game and came to this conclusion. It's like KG. You hate his guts when he's not on your team but if he was on your team you love him. Blake's a lot more respectful than KG though so far. He just loves him some mind games ; ).

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Guys he's a mean SOB. He embarrasses players and is so strong he physically intimidates them and they don't like it. "Blake punked us" Kobe. How many times have you seen players not give another player the ball? I don't remember any and he's still a rookie so he's got a lot more people to piss off. If this were 15 years ago you'd see a bigger Charles Barkley or Mailman.

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