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The ticktes are sooo expensive since the GRIFFmeister has been in town causin a rukis. Im lookin for tickets for tonights game and PR ticks are like 100 on up. SUCH BS. ive been doin the ebay/craigslist/****/barry's thing for years for tickets but ive never had this much trouble gettin a deal. Anyone else have any tips on scoring some cheap tickets for da BULLS tonight. I guess i was lucky to watch Blake and G. Limbaugh 6 rows up for only 50 bucks a piece.. Now all the rich laker banwagoners are hatin on their team and their buyin all the clippers tickets.

P.S. lets get kaveman and the commish out on the court for tonights game!!! (wishful thinking)

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Last I checked the box office was still selling a lot of discounted tickets. Secondary market pricing may be high for certain games though, I noticed that Chicago has good size representation in LA in previous years.

Even with the Griffin effect, our games are still way cheaper than Laker games.

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can't really expect to get a good deals when they play the more competitive teams, but it is more bang for the back than a laker game. got premier seats for $40 for the wolves game a couple weeks ago and blake made every single penny count by putting up 47 pts.

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Well I htink this game is almost a sellout and when that happens,,plus we have Blake,,plus Chicago is the top of thier heap,,,that makes for inflated prices. The reason I am going back to be a STH for next year. I an sure the secondary market will soar next season.

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