Clippers take on the Mavs in Dallas

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Hey what better way for the Clips to bust out of this losing streak than against a powerful team like the Mavs. Chris Kaman has finally shaved his hair- will that be the difference? Wink

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Whoa that was another nasty beat-down. The Mavs played at a very high level- sharing the ball and hitting most of their outside shots, including 15 of 27 3's. But there just doesn't seem to be much anger or passion shown by the Clippers on the court. They really need to get mad and find more pride within themselves- whatever will motivate them. True the other team is shooting the lights out but you can't just accept it and take it. If Cassell can play I think he needs to be out there more. If the coach is not going to scream and yell then someone like Cassell needs to. He needs to be out there to stretch the court, talk trash and to make opposing guards play D. True he's going to jack up bad shots here and there but you can see that the Clippers desperately need him out there doing his thing. He's a little banged up right now but unless his throat is bothering him he needs to revert to the vocal leader he was last year.

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Wow, I got the score sent to me via/text message and I was like, "OUCH". We get Houston again next I guess. Hopefully we can regroup and rebound. Seems like we are winning the 2nd back2back games after losing the 1st.

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