What do u think Clippers record will be after All star break

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After All Star Break

26 games to play

11 Home ( Feb 1 game, March 8 games, April 2 games)

15 Away ( Feb 4 games, March 6 games, April 5games)

19 of the games are against teams that are in the playoffs or in the playoff race (i.e. Houston, Philadelphia, Memphis, Phoenix)

7 games are against oppnents with losing records

3 game road trip (OKC, N.O., LAKERS)

5 game road trip (Charlotte, Boston, N.J. Washington, Memphis)

4 game road trip (Memphis, OKC, Dallas,Houston)

The schedule really sucks to start off with.

Our road trip is not still not done with. Well be in Minnesota on Wed the 16th, than after All-Star week we have to be inconvinienced and get back on a plane to meet everybody in OKC on Tue the 22nd followed by a back to back at New Orleans before gonig home to face the LAKERS, Boston, Hosuton, and Denver and then going back on the road for 5 games.


I see us finishing anywhere between 15-11 to 12-14

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If we get Kaman and Gordon back after the all star break. I am hoping we can go on a run. With your prediction 15-11 is pretty darn good for us. This will set us up nicely for next year. I want the team to try to play to win every single game. I dont care about draft positioning next year. I care about having a strong end of the season so that we can be ready next year.

I wish we can make a run at 41 wins this season. Although unlikely, can you imagine how awesome that would be considering our horrendous start?

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I think 11-15 sounds about right. If we finish with that record thats not bad at all and would show growth and chemistry on the team.

Things are looking up for the Clippers

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It just stinks that we started off so poorly. I'm having hard time finding out the one thing that attibuted to that slow start.

Was it one thing, or a multiple of things?

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At full strength (including Kaman), we can beat any team in the league. Get on a little roll now going into the ASB and anything can happen.

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if Kaman and Davis were not cursty ass'ed at the start then the clips would be up there

Kaman with the early slump and BD with the cheeseburgers

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That poor start is a little understandable. New coach , new offense, had to figure rotations, and Baron was not healthy. Also, we didnt know blake would be this good so fast. I remember our first few games, Kaman was shooting so many jumpers and he was the 1st or second option on offense.

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I think if guys come back and are healthy we could go 15 and 11 and that is not including kaman!!! Our slow start is easy to see why.

  1. out of shape injured non beliving BARON

  2. Kaman starting over Jordon

  3. Injuries

  4. starting a bunch of young guys

  5. new coach new system

look the way I see it all these things needed to happen to really see where we are at and what kind of players we had. Baron got into shape and is the true leader of the team now found his heart to play. Kaman goes down we see what we have in jordon. Blake and gordon take over as the face of this nation. And now we know we have to sign a big time SF can't compete at the highest level with what we got. we could win some games but not a top 5 team in the league.

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I hope they win enough to make it to .500. That would motivate the critics to at least respect this team despite the Cleveland loss.

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