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ekker3 wrote:
clipperAndrew wrote:
as long as we can get to 30 wins or more I will be happy. We went from 19 to 29 wins and if we can get more than that we have shown growth. Just need to get that one solid player to help in the offseason and pray we stay healthy next year.

i still think we can reach 35. sad thing is that if we do, it'll rank as the 7th best finish in franchise history. Embarassed

35 has to be the goal Blake Griffin has to show he can lead a team to a better overall record.

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I'm tired of all this talk about giving Sool a chance. He's made 2 of his last 17 shots... When Gordon went down he got minutes. He did nothing with them, which has been his problem all season...

Nice guys... Good attitude, but he won't be here next year. He's barely been here this year.

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^^ Agreed. It wasn't long ago that Sool was complaining on tweeter about us not signing him yet. I really felt sorry for him watching him sit. Hell, I even felt sorry for him when he was on the floor playing. You could tell he wasn't happy, even when he made a shot. After watching him get his chance when EJ went down, I stopped feeling sorry for him and realized VDN made the right call. I have a very good feeling that after this season, he will be looking for work outside of the NBA.

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Sam, have you looked at what AFA's done? His shot is gone and he makes rookie mistakes and TO's and he's afraid to shoot. To put a baby in and put him under that much pressure when he's lost confidence in himself could ruin him. Sool couldn't do a worse job. When Sool's playing well he can be a plus. I hope he's gone this season. AFA needs to go to the D league for a while to get him groove back.

This isn't a young inexperienced team it's a team that's not very good without our starters

DJ kinda OK depending


SF a large sucking sound

SG a large sucking sound

PG Baron + EB +/-

How many of these guys could play on Boston's bench?

Then there's the bench. There's AFA and Cookie and Ike and Sool. I probably forgot somebody but if i did, that's how signifigant they are

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OUr big off season signings, when promised Bosh or James,,were Gomes and Foye. Great players for hth bench, not front line starters. Blame the FO. I will not fault VDN. YOo do the best with what you have. I am with the "give em the rest of the year to get it together camp",,,,,,,,,,,and get us a real SF and pehaps another G and C and see where we can go next year. We get 30 this year and I too will be satisfied. But I want more out of this team next year or I will join your group. or start a fire group.

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...."promised Bosh or James" one from the Clipper's organization promised any FA of that those type of guys/horses did not want to come here...period. The "corral/barns" we where looking and shopping at contained exactly what we got....and there weren't any studs or thoroughbreds in there...LOL......maybe in 2012/13.

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toohipcliptoslip wrote:
afishLClipp wrote:
Hey guys, don't know if you've heard this, but recently Karl Malone said he was interested in coaching. Now I'm not suggesting that the Clippers get him as a coach, but he's got to start somewhere and I think the Clippers could really use his help as a specialist brought in for their pick and rolls, ESP the pick part. At least 75% of the time they just set horrible picks, which often then leads to nothing, forcing the Clippers to restart the offense when there's no time left on the clock.

Plus, you know he'd love to work with BG to!!

To work with Malone you'd have to have the IQ of a sneaker and the manners of a drunken pit bull.

Remember this is the guy who refused to play with Magic Johnson, refused to see his son and made a pass at Kobe's wife and was one of the dirtiest players ever.

Who cares about that, if he can help them with the pick and roll, that's all that matters.

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