a different blake attitude after the all-star break

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:twisted:now i have good reason to believe that after the all-star break is over, we might see an attitude adjustment with blake on the court. let's face it, blake has quit doing his high flying....

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Naw I don't want to see Blake doing any pushing back when he gets hit. It shows good character that he's able to walk away, and his team should come together to back him up.

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Well it's possible but unlikely. Blake wasn't raised that way. He was taught to walk away. And that's probably what he'll continue to do. But who knows, maybe in a couple of years his fuse might blow and he might throws some punches. Also, he can't afford to get suspended. We need him in the game.

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He did well today, lots of dunks too!!

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It should start to stop once Rhino comes back, and it would definitely stop in general if the team as a whole, and BG to, increased the FT%.

The Clippers are 2nd to last in the entire league in FT%, so teams just hack the heck out of them in general every possession and the refs feel they can only call so much before they induce a riot from the opposing crowds... hence the numerous frustrating no calls that we all see, even demonstrated by the multiple raised arms by BG every game.

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