There is a god, Baron gone!

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WOOT! Eat it Clipper Joe. Management knows exactly what their doing, going after D Wills in 2012. I'll be the 1st person ever to own a D Wills Clippers jersey. Bank on it

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You do know we are more likely to strike out right? lol the tools first people riding the myth of Kaman and now this you are about to see the decline very had and fast and when the Clippers strike out again with D-Will and CP3 it's all on the franchise. Trading Baron when he gave us two very strong seasons out of three and he signed as a home town player when the Clippers were suppose to lock up Brand and failed.

Remember this people Karma is a b*tch and the Clippers is about to hit a new low.

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I don't know. With Fish going down in the next couple of years, the Lakers, who have no problem spending a lot of money will need a new PG. So, if I am D Will, I'm choosing between the Clips and the Lakers. Uh....oh.....errrr.....Lakers. But they can't sign both and CP3 will come instead. Just dreaming.

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