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Hey, Clipper fans...just wanted to bring something up for discussion. I haven't had much time to participate in the discussions going on this season, but I'm still watching or going to every game. This is a sad, sad season so far. These injuries have just killed us. I had some hope during that 4-0 run that the team would be able to stay above water until Elton Brand came back, but it hasn't turned out that way. If we sink much further, we're going to have to start to think of what's best for the team in the future.

If the Clippers continue on their current pace, then trade talk will start to come up. What should the team do to get ready for next year? I don't think that Sam Cassell will make it to the end of the season with the Clippers. I think he'll be traded to a contender in order for the Clippers to get something in return and to give him one last chance to do something in the playoffs. The question is, do you package him with another player who some may want to get rid Tim Thomas or Cuttino Mobley. Thomas has a decent contract, but Mobley is making some cash that doesn't match with his production. And he's still signed for 2 more years after this one.

If I were the Clippers, I'd give Miami a call and see if they trade Jason Williams and Ricky Davis for Cassell and Mobley. Although I don't think Miami would do it, it may be worth a try considering how much they are stuggling and could use a change. Maybe they would think that two veterans could help the team. The reason I'd do this trade is because Williams and Davis both have expiring contracts. Williams is signed for almost 9 million, while Davis makes about 6. That would give the Clippers 15 million coming off the books going into next season. And I don't look for Maggette to resign, so that's another 7 million. That would be a lot of money to throw at a possible free agent like Gilbert Arenas. I'd gladly take Arenas over Mobley any day.

A lineup of Brand, Kaman, Thornton, Arenas, and Livingston would sound pretty good...if the injuries cooperate. Of course, one must be careful to not make it seem as if the team will be rebuilding. If it seems that way, Brand is more likely to opt out after this year and sign with another team.

Of course, this is all just talk at this point. But again, if the team keeps losing games, I'd be willing to be that some players will be moved before the February trade deadline.

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That's a very carefully thought out question


I agree with you about the Clippers goal of staying near .500 until Elton Brand comes back..

However, I can see Sam Cassell remaining wiht the Clippers this entire season, but I do believe that he will leave for Denver in the offseason. The trade you mentioned doesn't work out so well. And we CANT give up 2 guards, for one when the Clippers lack depth in the backcourt.

Cassell 12.6 PPG 4 APG 1.7 TO 43%shooting

Davis (MIA) 14.7 PPG 2 APG 42%shooting (for a Forward not good) 2 T.O.

Mobley 12.1 PPG 3 APG 42% shooting 1.6 TO 39% 3 PTERS INJURY PLAGUED ALL YEAR and seems to be regaining strength

Williams (MIA) 8.7 PPG 6 APG 36% 3PT 39% FG Not good at all.

It's not so great. All in all the Clippers have a higher combined PPG and all around game. Therefore, I do not believe the trade would be a good decision. And if Sterling is willing to pay the luxury tax, then they can get Arenas. Notice how most "good" teams (except Knicks) spend way over the luxury tax limitations. If he decides to, it would be very helpful to the Clippers.

Merry Christmas and very interesting post. Smile

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I think i could work only if we are mathematically out of the play-offs. The question is not whether we would do the trade, I just don't see Riley putting too much interest in this. You are trading an older player that hasn't been able to stay healthy for another aging player with the same problems. Mobley might ignite interest but doesn't he have a few more years under contract? All anyone would do at this point would be trading a lesser evil. The thought of dumping the extra money for next year surly makes my mouth water but I just don't see it happening. Great analysis though.

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Nice to see you chime in BB! It's an interesting trade proposition- one that I think will help the Clippers more than the Heat because Sam is more likely to get injured again. It would be a good move for Miami only if Cat & Sam can stay healthy for them. But the Heat are probably thinking the same thing too- they're probably chomping at the bit to get JWill & Ricky Davis off their books in the summer.

But you're right- it may well be time to think about the future if the Clippers keep free-falling. I just hope they don't do any hasty moves that would discourage EB & Maggette from re-signing.

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i was messin around with ESPN Trade Machine...

This trade would work...

Clippers trade:

Maggette, Mobley, Cassell

to the Cleveland Cavs for:

Larry Hughes, Drew Gooden, Damon Jones

Hughes brings defense and can take it to the hole...Gooden can play the 4 position and even back up Brand (tought frontcourt)...and Damon Jones still has a great 3 point shooter

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Trade talk is interesting but there is only one problem with this team as it is now INJURIES. Look at what we should have every night. Brand 20/10; Kaman 10/10; Corey 20/3 or some combination. Money in the bank. Shaun 15/6: Sam off bench 10/3, more if he's healthy and can play PG and SG: Cat 10; Thomas 10; Thornton, Williams and Davis were playing well. Throw Q in for D. With the new improved Chris and EB, Corey won't have to create as much and can be more effective in sets. Remember when they were touted as one of the most feared front courts in the NBA? This team should have been #6 easy. Youth and experience.

Sam and Cat aren't that marketable and who would we get for Corey? (an interesting thought) Sorry guys but if Shaun comes back maybe we should unload him rather than gamble on his frail frame. As far as next yr, Tax schmax get who we need

Clipper 6th Man
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Also you seem to forget that Cassell is bolting at the end of the summer as well as Maggette....we should at least get something for them...although Cassell is done, he can still play when healthy....cavs need a point of moblwy, you throw him in to equal out contracts...

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Don't like it...sorry. Larry Hughes is suspect. The guy hasn't been the same since going to Cleveland. Damon Jones is getting old and is not starting material. Drew Gooden might fit in but I am not sold on trading him for maggette even though he might leave at the end of the year.

I would just wait it out and risk losing him. I am not impressed by his play as of late but if we lose him we can use that salary to get a FA during the off-season. Look, what ever happens, we can still hang a carrot over Brand to keep him here. Kaman , Brand , Livingston, Thornton should be the core of this team. Let the other cards fall as they may.

Just look at these 4 players as our starters next season and tell me we could not do damage next season.

I would probably let Maggette go and use the remaining money to get a free agent in the off-season. JMHO

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